9 cold calling techniques that convert

So… you want to learn how to cold call for sales? Do you want to learn cold calling techniques that really work? So here are my golden 9 cold calling tips Have a strong message and a strong product or service you believe in. If you don’t believe in the product you are...

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Why email management kills

Why do leaders, people, and companies create processes to grow if we forget the most important one, “human interaction and mutual understanding”? I would like to give a typical example, which is a complete exaggeration but as real as life itself. When anyone begins...

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Why you DON’T need a sales-manager!

  You run a small-medium business, make a respectable income, and you employ a team of several professionals, including an accountant, a receptionist, a responsible for the imports and purchases, 2 guys in the warehouse, 3 drivers and a team of salespeople. And...

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