Presence in a specific European Country (Market)

In case you are trying to start your business in a European country know that you do not need to found a company in this country, you just need to VAT register. We can represent your company in the target country and help with your tax problems and local requirements. We can handle tax issues, tax refunds, and help with other financial tasks. We can also help you find storage, receiving, warehousing solutions, packing, and shipping services to assist and support your business.

We are going to take care of your email correspondence, answer your emails, your social media accounts, receive phone calls on your behalf, with a local number and a native speaker. You are going to have a presence in the European country you wish, a sales optimized virtual office in the fraction of the cost. CLICK HERE >>

Lead Generation

After you describe to us which exact kind of customers you wish, several members of my team are going to search parallel, online on a variety of sources and platforms to find potential prospects for you. 

Once we track those potentials clients and we gather as much information possible (name of the decisionmaker, telephone nr, mobile telephone nr., personal email address, linkedin profile etc.) we are going to scan them and separate them in priority categories. 

Category A is going to be high (max) priority of interest, Category B medium and Category C interesting, potentially good but not of high priority. 

Then either we are going to continue with our emailing and sales call initiatives or we are going to deliver you the list or grant you access to our CRM depending on our agreement. 

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Sales Calls that bring results

We can do all the sales calls for you. From cold calling, up to online presentations and technical demos to follow up calls, to second in-depth calls, qualify your potential clients or partners, drive the process and only involve you at key points in it.

In that way, I and my team can accelerate your sales, optimize your time and help you sell your products or services in multiple International markets with a fraction of the cost you would have otherwise.


Optimize your Sales Process – Sales Consultancy

We can advise you and help you optimize your sales pitch, create a sales process that works not in theory but in reality, create your communication between your company and your clients in their local language, taking in consideration their unique language and cultural backgrounds and also, train & monitor your telemarketing, telesales and sales team.


For whom are our services:

For traditional businesses that want to expand their sales in Europe and sell directly in the markets.

Are you, for example, a company in the US that creates a customized product and wants to sell it in Europe, but you do not know where to start from?

Are you a Spanish small producer that sells your products in the local market but would gladly sell DIRECTLY to Germany without the need of distributor?

We can help you import your products in Europe, store them in the European Country of your wish, find all your potential clients, contact them in their local language and handle all the correspondence between them and you as if you have a local presence in this market. You are going to be present in Germany, in the UK or in any other European Country and sell directly to the local market, legitimate and EU compliable.


For Software, SaaS companies that either want to sell directly or through the channel.

Software, IT and SaaS sales are our specialty. I and my team can generate a list of potential clients or partners for you, contact them directly in their own language, qualify them and establish communication between them and you. We even have a team of local Sales People in major European Markets that can personally visit and contact potential clients and partners.


Why us? 

Why should you choose me and my team to take care of your sales in Europe?

1st. Because I, Alex Valassidis I am going to take care personally about your project. I will talk with you, understand your product and service and together with you we are going to decide how we are going to make things happen.

2nd. I have the total control and supervision of my team and know personally at any point where we stand. You have one point of reference in this project, me.

3rd. We are a team of younger and older Europeans, based in multiple countries around the continent, know the local language and culture, all of us speak English and have a “whatever it takes” attitude.

4th. We are not perfect, that’s why we try harder.

5th. You have low risk, there is no contract, we work on a pay as you go basis. We want you to pay us because you are happy with our services.

CLICK HERE, fill the Contact Form and I personally am going to contact you and have a chat with you and see if we are a fit for you and if you are a fit for us.


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