Start selling in Europe, it’s easy!

In case you are trying to start your business in a European country know that you do not need to found a company in this country, you just need to VAT register. It is way easier as you think. We can represent your company and bring you in a “READY TO GO” status within 2 weeks. We can handle tax issues, tax refunds and accelerate your sales and help you sell your products and services in multiple international markets.

We produce measurable results in 2 months and financial results in as little as 4 months with a fraction of the cost you would have had otherwise.

How does it sound? READ MORE >>>

Business Strategy and tactics

The consumer in this digital age expects companies to be creative and personalized with their messaging, to deliver through the channel that they want, at the exact moment they want it. So how can companies keep their strategy updated when their potential client is a moving target? READ MORE >>>

Human resources & Personnel management


Find out how you can evaluate your employees, hire the right ones, control your business and maximize the potential of each person working for or with you. READ MORE >>>

Communication methods, their nuances and the effect they have.

What is the weight of traditional communication in today’s digital world? How can email and social media replace personal communication and how can new technologies “personalize” your message and accelerate your sales? READ MORE >>>

Sales techniques, tips & hacks

Perhaps the most important subject you can study is sales. Why? One reason is that our society too often disparages the sales profession, and because so many that gravitate to sales jobs are not properly trained or qualified, the stereotypes about sales and sales people are reinforced by the negative experiences of many buyers. Learn practical sales techniques  CLICK HERE >>>

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