• Hiring in-house staff to build and manage your business in Europe is costly, whereas the return on investment is still unknown.

  • Also, training new staff and obtaining the appropriate contacts and market knowledge can be a time and resource consuming process.

  • We help innovative tech, software and commercial companies extend their reach into Europe by providing expert, sales services.

  • We help companies enter 28 different countries in Europe quickly and profitably without the costs, risks and delays associated with opening offices and hiring employees.

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The consumer in this digital age expects companies to be creative and personalized with their messaging, to deliver through the channel that they want, at the exact moment they want it. So how can companies keep their strategy updated when their potential client is a moving target? READ MORE >>> 



Communication methods, their nuances and the effect they have.

What is the weight of traditional communication in today’s digital world? How can email and social media replace personal communication and how can new technologies “personalize” your message and accelerate your sales?


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