Appointment Setting

Appointment Setting

Appointment Setting Today’s complex sales world has elevated appointment setting to a major (if not the most important) part of the sales process.  A paradox

Sales outsourcing and decentralized command.
Business Strategy and Tactics

Decentralized command and sales outsourcing

Decentralized command Decentralized command is the keyword in today’s complex business world and especially when it comes to sales outsourcing companies.  In our company, Vparagon,

diplomatic or not?
Sales Techniques

Diplomatic or not?

Have you ever wondered if you should be diplomatic in your answers or just say what you believe? and what is better for sales? Listen to my Podcast!

When to place effective sales calls
Communication Methods

When to place effective sales calls

Have you ever thought if there are specific times of the day when a sales call is more effective than others? The answer is yes,