Meet our Team


Alex Valassidis
Director and supervisor
I am a passionate salesman – sales manager with over 30 years of sales experience. I created Vparagon to follow up my passion and help innovative tech – software companies but also traditional trading companies sell their products or services around the world. I don’t talk the talk, I have walked the walk and know exactly what it takes to generate sales and increase your revenue. Since the year 2020 and after Vparagon grew beyond expectations, I supervise my team and assign each project to a designated project manager.
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Xanat Herrera
Inside Sales & Project Management (Spanish, Greek, English, German, Catalan)
Motivated, adaptable and goal-oriented graduate in Applied Languages with a great enthusiasm for technology. Through my degree and my experience in sales, customer service and teaching, I acquired strong communicating, organizational, and problem-solving skills that now aid me in my tasks as a Sales Account Manager.
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Mona Zolfaghari
Inside Sales
Highly efficient, results driven, dynamic top performing sales representative, capable marketing and business development specialist with over 14 years’ experience in the global market.
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Virginia A. Peguero
Operations and lead generation (Spanish – English)
More than 5 years of diverse operations and logistic experience working with different organizations and sales platforms all over the world.
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Eva Papamixali
Inside sales, English – French
French – English – Italian, as well as my passion for sales and business development, give me the possibility to be in contact with prestigious companies. New products, new markets, marketing campaigns, are part of my everyday life. My background as a university researcher has enabled me to put languages under business service. Excellence in communication gives me confidence in maintaining long-term relationships.
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Prasad Mummadi
Inside Sales
An Engineering graduate holding 12+ years of experience into Global sales & business development. Very good expertise in sales activities, pilot processes, market penetration and client management.
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Prospero Bianco
Senior Sales Consultant & Project Manager – Italy & Europe (Italian, English)
Hi, I am an energetic and self motivated person with bachelor’s and master’s degree in Econimics and Management. I am a very efficient multitasker, well organized, able to meet deadlines and targets. I possess excellent strategic sales techniques that I would love share with you!
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Pablo Dyment
Inside Sales South America
More than 25 years of customer service-oriented/sales for the IT, Agriculture, construction, mining, and mechanical industries. Values that are important to me are Integrity, Teamwork, and Commitment.
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Mira Ivanova
Project Management & Sales
Mira is a sales profesional with over 10 years experience in hight complicated sales in the tech industry
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Zsuzsanna Schillinger
Digital Marketing Specialist
I’m a digital marketing professional with over 8 years of experience. My strongests assets are psychology, PPC and strategy.
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Sacha Habijanac
Inside Sales USA
As a sales professional with over 10 years of experience in Canada, USA, Hong Kong and Vietnam, I’m always looking to enhance my sales ability through perseverance, organization and hard work.
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Juliana Vasquez Vasquez
Inside Sales Spain and South America
I’m outgoing, outspoken and an avid learner. I have a Master’s Degree in Business Events and Tourism Management and absolutely love working with people. I have 8 years of experience in the Events, Education and Customer Service sectors, which have made me easily adaptable and acquire important organizational skills such as time management, good at working under pressure and excellent communication.
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Marko Zecevic
With a master degree in engineering management and more than 10 years of experience in administrative jobs, I’ve developed skills in many different areas: B2B lead generation market research, database management, bookkeeping & financial modeling. I’m passionate about working in the international market where I have the chance to work and grow with people from different cultures.
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Nicole Porter Ekdahl
Inside Sales South America
Passionate sales professional with more than 10 years of experience in different areas such as sports, tourism, mining and agriculture. Highly efficient, responsible and team worker!
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With our sales agency: 

  • You are going to have native sales people around Europe, selling your products and services

  • Our sales consultancy is going to search find and scan your potential clients and contact them on your behalf.

  • We are going to insistfollow up and establish communication with key decision makers

  • Low risk, low cost. But its not for free. 

  • We are scalable, that means that you can have a more enhanced sales approach during months of high interest and just maintain the market during low activity months.


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