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Discover how sales outsourcing can expand and accelerate your business! 

Inside Sales and sales outsourcing is the new effective pathway to sell your solutions, software, SaaS and physical products into new or existing markets. 

Increasing numbers of SMEs and even bigger organizations are discovering that current technology enables the creation of new opportunities, and helps operations, pre-sales and product teams to increase their reach, and attract new clients. 

Vparagon has in-depth experience in direct sales and can help your business expand in new European and global markets. 

What we can do for you:

Sales development and optimization plan

This might be the most important step in the sales process. We need to understand your particular product/service/solution and your current sales approach: which market sectors you are targeting, what is your unique value proposition, and who are the key decision-makers you are approaching.

Together, we are going to prepare our communication strategy— create email and social media communication that actually converts, as well as an effective sales pitch. 

Generate HIGH QUALITY leads

We do not simply do “lead generation”: 

We have our own dedicated team. We are going to put effort in to locate the proper decision-makers and deliver not only their corporate telephone number, but also their office telephone number and their work mobile phone (if available), email and LinkedIn details. We are also going to find alternative players and "satellite" decision-makers.

We use the most advanced tools and technology to deliver accurate and exact data.

We call them

Our team of experienced sales representatives is going to email, LinkedIn and call those key decision-makers, to establish communication between you and them, and arrange "Go to market" calls, "Discovery" calls or technical demos. 

We “take ownership” of your sales. We not only initiate but also persist, insist, and follow-up… until we close the sale. 

We take sales engagement from A to Z.

We want to engage you as little as possible in the whole process, only at critical points do we contact you. 

Consultative, complex sales are our strength.

Multilanguage multicultural team

Besides English, we speak German, French, Spanish, Italian and other European languages. 

We are going to engage your market of interest in its native language. 

Most importantly we understand the culture of the country you are targeting.


All of our team works on the same CRM, using the newest VoiP and email marketing solutions, conducts weekly and monthly KPI and personal development Zoom meetings under the 4DX principle. We have the processes and procedures to deliver excellence.

Control and transparency

You are going to receive analytical reports from us at the frequency you nominate.

We are going to have weekly or biweekly meetings with you in order to exchange opinions and optimize our sales process.

You are going to have an open communication channel with the management team and acquire information in real time.

Flexibility and adaptability

We adjust our engagement to your needs. 

We are scalable, which means that you can have a more enhanced sales approach during months of high interest and maintain the market during low-activity months.

We can also engage multiple countries, jurisdictions and territories simultaneously.

We are going to adapt and customize our service to your needs. 

Direct sales experts

We have immense sales experience in a variety of markets and industries. We are traditional "old school" sales in the new digital world. 

Our sales people are personally hired, trained and supervised by Alex Valassidis. 

We know what makes the difference—we can quickly recognize who is the right salesperson for the right client and allocate him/her accordingly. 

Undisputable Integrity

This is the most important reason to work with us. 

We are not going to let you down. 

We will work together with you to enhance and improve your business to the best of our abilities. Our one and only intention is to bring your business forward.

Let us schedule a call with you. 

It is more than just placing calls...

In the new digital age three different categories of "sales players" emerged. 

From the one side you have call centres pretending to be sales outsourcing companies. Mostly based in India, Tunisia or the Philippines, call centres DO NOT provide sales services. Instead, they are just placing calls, with no sales intent, no experience, not the ability or skill to understand complex sales and scenarios, most importantly without understanding European or American cultural differences. 

From the other side you have highly experienced senior sales consultants that do have the experience and the product knowledge; they are not willing, however, to place the cold calling required to generate new business and open new markets. 

Vparagon consists of younger and older experienced sales people that have the ‘know how’ to sell, the educational background required, but most importantly the hunter spirit required, to cold call and generate new business. 

What to consider, prior to a sales engagement?

Crazy crowded marketplace

If you are trying to sell a software, solution or service on a crazy crowded marketplace, on a ‘red ocean’, you might double-think if you have a chance on making profit in this market. 

Specify exactly the target market

You need to know EXACTLY which markets, industries and businesses you are targeting. We can help you gain this understanding. 

With whom you would like to speak? 

Who are the decision-makers of interest you would like to engage? Who are the satellite and third-party players you could reach out to alternatively? Vparagon can help you identify all relevant players within an organization. 


What are your Unique Selling Points? What makes your product different? Why should someone choose you—and not a competitor? 

Time frame

What are your realistic expectations on bringing in sales? How fast do you expect to see results? How quickly do you expect your sales funnel to grow? 


Do you have the necessary budget to support a sales engagement? What is the sales cycle of your product, and what is your break-even point? 

What are your exact goals? 

What are the exact goals that you want to achieve? Are your goals only monetary or do you aim also to increase the brand awareness of your product/solution? ...Do you plan on expanding in new markets?  

Internal blockers 

Are there any internal blockers within your organization that could make the engagement of an external sales team dysfunctional? Did you have, in the past, external teams handling crucial business development projects? 


What is your experience so far with your product? Is your experience based on your local market or in international markets? Do you have an inhouse sales team? 

Let us schedule a call with you. 

the world changes, so do sales. 

Using sales outsourcing effectively.

Inside sales is a common method for software and SaaS companies to sell their products, solutions and services globally. 

Over the last years however, the Covid-19 pandemic, led more and more companies, not only in the software sector but also in a variety of different industries, to realize that they can effectively (and way more cost-efficiently) expand and accelerate their sales in existing or new international markets. 

Technology, VoiP communication and online meeting solutions such as Zoom or microsoft.teams enabled SMEs and large organizations from a variety of industries, find value in digital sales outsourcing. 

The demand

As the world became a very small place, it is imperative to expand outside of local markets and address your products and services globally. 

Especially if your product is a niche product, often local markets are not big enough to cover the necessary sales needed to support those products and solutions. 

An external sales team can open the market you are engaging with to your existing sales people and generate new opportunities. 

What are the challenges? 

Inhouse sales teams and operations are very expensive for SMEs to handle. It is also very difficult to create an international language team locally, and customize it to your needs. 

Cultural differences and the understanding of Western corporate culture make it most of the time impossible to collaborate with sales outsourcing companies from Asia. 

Most importantly the sales skills, experience, and the ability to motivate, coach, and supervise a sales team are challenging factors for most companies.

Sales outsourcing - Vparagon, Barcelona based international sales. 

With Vparagon you will have native sales people selling your products/solutions/services and software in Europe, the U.S., Australia or South America. 

Our services can be applied immediately and within approximately one month we can start actively engaging the markets of interest. 

Vparagon drives the process and involves you only at critical points of it. We take ownership of your sales activities. 

We deliver measurable, financial results within a period of ~ 3 to 4 months, depending on the complexity of the market and the solution. 

What others say about us:

Vparagon located key decision makers in our market, contacted them, presented to them and sold them our fully-automated data collection, monitoring and analysis suite services. They are a professional, result oriented , multi-language, international sales team. Thank you

Iain Brear

Alex is an expert sales consultant. Not only did he help us on the sales channel development of our business, but he successfully sold complex software solutions and systems in multiple territories and countries, from the UK and Ireland to the US, Australia, LATAM, Germany and DACH. A valued partner.

Donagh Kiernan

Founder & CEO


Vparagon helped us to expand Arozzi's sales through distribution channels in the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Israel, Greece, Turkey and South America. With Vparagon you get an entire dedicated team for the price of one inside sales person. 

Lars Pettersson

Sales & Logistics


Vparagon's team optimized our sales process and sales procedures, engaged successfully with multiple clients in different regions and territories and helped us to expand our business by identifying new opportunities and potential clients. They deliver high quality lead generation and effective sales methodology.

Arjun Thaker

As a social media agency, operating in a crazy crowded marketplace was challenging to cut through the noise and communicate our message correctly and effectively. Alex's experience helped us to get a clear understanding of the market from a sales perspective and through his advice and actions, combined with our extensive knowledge of our business, we achieved better than expected results. I wish him and his sales team all possible success.

Helen Thomas

CEO | E-Commerce Advertising 


Alex and his team helped us generate industry-specific leads for our market, construct a sales process, communication and engagement strategy and added value to our business.

Daniel Fisher

Daniel Fischer

Managing Director


Working with Alex has increased our business expansion greatly. That is the reason we keep on working with him as he never stops delivering values to his clients.

He improved several aspects of our sales team through training and systems creations. We are using his services also for lead generation which is highly targeted to our audience and avatar clients.

Overall I’m extremely satisfied to work with such an honest and skilful person.

Matteo Sorato

Alex and his team helped us establish a client base across Europe with their high-quality lead generation service.  I would highly recommend this service!

Jason JJ Jamieson

 Chief Technical Officer of Emmy Award Winning Software 


Vparagon’s team cold called on our behalf 1000 prospects in the German Horega Market. Their activities gave us a clear picture and understanding of our approach and helped us to optimize our sales and marketing strategy. We wish Vparagon all possible success.

Noam Margalit

Founder & CEO 


Alex helped us to optimize our sales process, showed us how to use our CRM efficiently and introduced new sales techniques and tactics to the sales team! Aikensoftware wishes him good luck in his endeavours.

Juan Carlos Font

Managing Director


Vparagon’s team found every possible lead that was related to our business and they called each one of them until they established communication with key decision makers in our industry. That is what I call effective sales outsourcing!

Cristian Noguera

Managing Director & Founder


I’be been working with Alex for some time now, and I have to say I’ve been pleasantly surprised both from his friendly and outgoing personality as well as his ability to deliver great results

Shay Shany

Global Sales Director at Rookout

Arozzi case study

For whom are our services? 

We exist for companies that want to expand and accelerate their sales. 

Actively engage your market or new international markets where the language and the culture might be an obstacle—establish communication with key decision-makers and open up many new opportunities. 

We exist for companies that want to identify their potential clients. High quality lead generation. 

We search the markets and industries of interest, identify key decision-makers and find not only their corporate telephone number, but their contact details, telephone numbers, email addresses and LinkedIn details. 

We exist for companies that need advise, sales management or sales coaching. Practical sales consultancy. 

From creating a solid, crystal-clear sales process, sales communication and sales engagement plan, to understanding and advising on your market approach, USPs and message.

We exist for organizations, individuals or managers that just need information on the topic. 

We gladly provide information, advice and our thoughts on your business, and send you our unbinding financial offer to consider, or simply to use it for your negotiations with our competitors or existing provider, or to just simply know where you are standing in the market. 

Vparagon services do not include...  

We do not provide customer support or call center services. 

Vparagon is a sales outsourcing company. We are not a call centre neither a customer support team, neither do we engage consumers.

We are not a marketing agency. 

We do provide, to a certain extent, direct sales marketing services such as email campaigns and social media communication; we are not however, an SEO, or online marketing agency. 

We do NOT do B2C sales

Vparagon is strictly B2B. We do not engage consumers or work on a B2C level. 

No budget available. 

If you don't have the necessary budget to support sales operations for a period of (minimum) 4 months, or you expect to work on alternative ways, such as commission-only based sales, then we certainly are not the right team for you. 

Let us have a friendly and unbinding conversation. 

Let us understand your business and expectations

Complete the contact form on the right and a member of our team will be in touch to arrange a no-obligation ‘Discovery Call’ at a time that suits you.

We will share our thinking with you

The ‘Discovery Call’ will be very informative and educational for you. We will share our thoughts and expert opinions on sales and lead generation topics, tailored for your business.

Sales operations financial offer 

Our financial offer will set out the cost and operational modus of Vparagon. The offer gives you a price for your budgeting, also allowing you to compare our service to the competition—or use our offer to negotiate a better deal with your existing provider. Don’t worry, we know how the world works, we are happy to assist you in any way. 

Contact form

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Meet Alex Valassidis

I came to Spain in 2012 and started working from scratch as an inside sales agent for the German market. 

Firstly, I worked in sales and support of HP printers; then for the company CA Technologies and their disaster recovery solution, Arcserve; before moving to the Barcelona-based cyberthreat intelligence company, Blueliv.

As a previous business owner it wasn’t that easy for me to work as an employee… so in 2017 I created Vparagon—sales outsourcing. 

My aim is to help organizations of all shapes and sizes achieve their ‘go to market’ goals. 

I do this by providing a well-trained, experienced and supervised sales and operations team, and by helping businesses create realistic, clear, exact, and transparent systems to improve their sales—holistically.

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