Our Services

Lead Generation

After we have the exact description of which kind of customers you target, we do a market analysis and generate leads in the geographical area(s) of interest.

Our market development team is going to search in parallel, online on a variety of sources and platforms to find potential prospects.

Next, we are going to scan the findings, refine the acquired results and enrich them with the prospects accurate contact details.

Contact details may include but are not limited to the following: telephone numbers, email addresses, Linkedin or Xing details etc.

Accelerate your Sales – Inside Sales

We are going to prepare our communication strategy, write email sequences in the native language of the prospects targeted, prepare our sales pitch and train for any potential objections that we might encounter.

Then our team of experienced sales representatives is going to call those prospects in order to establish communication between you and key decision makers. We can generate discovery calls for your team, produce technical demos or sell your products to distributors, partners, small or big retailers. (Now if you don’t sell directly, but instead through the channel, our sales outsourcing agency is specialized on exactly those kinds of sales. This is done through our “V-enhancer” channel sales solution.)

Besides English we speak German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Turkish, Italian, Hebrew and other European languages.

We “take ownership” of your sales. We not only initiate but also persist, insist and follow- up until we close the sales. We take the sale A to Z.

Vparagon drives the process, optimizes your time and involves you only at key points of the sales process.

Reporting – Complete Control

You are going to receive analytical reports from us on the frequency that you want.

We are going to have weekly or biweekly meetings between us and you in order to exchange opinions and optimize our sales process.

You are going to have an open communication channel with our team members and acquire information in real time.

Vparagon works on a prepaid monthly basis. If you are not happy you can terminate our collaboration at any point.

We do that because we are not afraid neither we doubt our services. Our clients are long term clients under the same conditions. They stay with us because of our sales results, hunting spirit, quality and loyalty. Trust is being established between them and us.

Optimize your Sales Process – Sales Consultancy

We can advise you and help you optimize your sales pitchcreate a sales process that works not in theory but in reality, create your communication between your company and your clients in their local language, taking in consideration their unique language and cultural backgrounds. We can also train your sales people on sales techniques and tactics, optimize your CRM, create sales emails and email sequences, practice cold calling techniques, closing techniques and objection handling. 

For whom are our services

For traditional businesses that want to expand their sales in Europe and sell directly in the markets.

Sales outsourcing Europe: Are you, for example, a company in the US that creates a customized product and wants to sell it in Europe, but you do not know where to start from?

Are you a Spanish small producer that sells your products in the local market but would gladly sell DIRECTLY to Germany without the need of a distributor, or outsource sales in Europe and work together with your existing distributors (or with new ones) and help them sell and promote your products on the network of small and big retailers? 

We can help you import your products in Europe, store them in the European Country of your wish, find all your potential clients, contact them in their local language and handle all the correspondence between them and you as if you have a local presence in this market. You are going to be present in Germany, in the UK or in any other European Country and sell directly to the local market, legitimate and EU compliable.

For Software, SaaS companies that either want to sell directly or through the channel.

Software, IT and SaaS sales are our specialty. I and my team can generate a list of potential clients or partners for you, contact them directly in their own language, qualify them and establish communication between them and you. We even have a team of local Sales People in major European Markets that can personally visit and contact potential clients and partners.

Some important key points

1st. Just emailing with no follow up calls does not work. This would be a very simple solution, start emailing and hopping that someone is going to reply to your emails. It does not cost a lot, but it does not work. Is simple as that. You are another company that sends emails and expect to sell. The power of a personalized call is irreplaceable.

2nd.  1000 calls for 1000$ is the sales slogan for many call centres, trying to sell “sales services”.

Sales is not only about the amount of calls that a salesperson is placing!

Sales is about

  1. The sales experience, education, talent and commitment on the task
  2. The dedicated follow up on each and every case.

Vparagon is not a call centre.

Vparagon is a sales outsourcing company, on the result bringing business.

3rd.  Commission based sales vs fixed amount paid every month.

Our services have a cost, hard work behind and they are not for free.

We work on a fixed payment + commissions basis. Just commissions are a NO GO.

Why are we among the best sales outsourcing companies?

Why should you choose me and my team to take care of your sales?

1st. Because I, Alex Valassidis I am going to take care personally about your project. I will talk with you, understand your product and service and together with you we are going to decide how we are going to make things happen.

2nd. I have the total control and supervision of my team and know personally at any point where we stand. You have one point of reference in this project, me.

3rd. We are a team of younger and older Europeans, based in multiple countries around the continent, know the local language and culture, all of us speak English and have a “whatever it takes” attitude.

4th. We are not perfect, that’s why we try harder.

5th. You have low risk, there is no contract, we work on a pay as you go basis. Keep however in mind that sales need commitment and persistence and although you can stop whenever you like, we highly recommend having an horizon for at least 4 -6 months for the project.

6th. We are scalable, that means that we can enhance our sales activities in the prime time of interest and just maintain the market in low intensity months. 

7th. Our prices depend on the intensity of the project and the characteristics of it. There is a monthly fee (probably with commissions on targets achieved). We do not offer our services on a commission based only scheme. 

CLICK HERE, fill the Contact Form and we are going to contact you and have a chat with you and see if our outsourced sales agency is a fit for you and if you are a fit for us.