Sales Outsourcing DACH

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Alex Valassidis

Sales Outsourcing DACH. Why it’s so important?

One of the main effects of the recent diffusion of technology and means of communication are changes in the business. They are mostly reflected in the fact that nowadays it is possible to have employees who live on the other side of the world. This aspect of employing has many advantages to it, but there are always things to consider. Being properly informed will help you avoid unintended consequences of the cooperation with sales outsourcing companies or individuals.

Brief DACH overview                                                                                                                      

One of the largest and most promising sales outsourcing Europe markets is the DACH region. DACH stands for Deutschland (Germany), Austria, Confœderatio Helvetica (Switzerland), a region of primarily German speaking countries.

For its size, this is a very strong marketplace, with the combined gross domestic product of approximately 4.8 trillion U.S. dollars, with Germany as the largest contributor of 3.7 trillion U.S. dollars. To provide perspective, China has a GDP of roughly 12 trillion U.S. dollars, while The United States is at approximately 19 trillion.

Since managing and building your business is costly, whereas the return on investment is unknown, best sales outsourcing companies DACH offer dedicated staff, provide experts and sales outsourcing services. However, talented agents are sometimes difficult to recruit and retain, and knowing the specific characteristics of this region is essential to running a successful business.

Language barrier and cultural difference

One of the main obstacles to face when entering the DACH region will be the language barrier.

Population of DACH countries is primarily German speaking, with a minority of people speaking English on a conversational level. Switzerland has a higher percentage of English speaking residents, but they also have their own German dialect, as well as French and Italian speaking residents.

Depending on your product, going with a campaign focused on potential English speaking clients may not necessarily be a detriment. Sectors such as IT have made a push towards normalising English within companies in recent years, and it’s becoming the norm. Given that DACH IT sectors imports a lot of labor with basic or no German knowledge required, trying to reach out in English might prove more beneficial.

However, to achieve major market coverage in other sectors, a sales team has to be fluent in German, and understand the mentality and culture of people they’re conducting business with. Hiring an entire sales team can prove far too complicated, and require a lot of resources to make an optimal team.

Utilising an outsourced sales agency would prove far more beneficial, as these companies already have well trained, German and English speaking staff.

Laws and regulations

Since DACH is made out of three countries, with Switzerland not being a part of European Union, one might expect some legal issues and restrictions when it comes to outsourcing. This fortunately isn’t the case, to paraphrase a law examination: Laws of these countries do not specifically regulate outsourcing transactions, neither generally nor in relation to particular types of outsourcing transactions.

What this means is that common laws of Germany and Austria under European Union, and Switzerland as an independent country are applied. None of these laws restrict outsourcing in any particular way, which makes outsourcing sales to an agency a more appealing option.

How to find the best sales outsourcing companies

Finding the best company for your needs can be a daunting task, but fortunately, these companies are actively looking for clients, and while you can reach out to them, you will receive far more offers by simply making a public proposal on the right websites. Specify in detail your goals, budget and requirements, then go through the applicants resumes. Find the ones with previous success, guarantees and payment model suitable to your needs. Be very clear about conditions and mindful of the time spent, as it may prove more important than the monetary investment. If you’re meticulous and patient, your chances of success will rise exponentially.


Briefly, there are many advantages for your business to engage in sales outsourcing DACH. Keeping your full attention on your core business, or getting direct insight to industry experts, outsourcing your customer service is money well spent as well as giving your company more resources to get creative and sail full speed ahead. Time and effort spent on setting up your own team in DACH region will take a lot of time and effort.


Outsourced sales development will not only help speed up the process and get activity quicker, but also help guide you along a path of building your own internal team.

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