Find a wider market for your software

A lot of business people find their ambitious efforts to expand their business shut down by all the hustle and bustle involved in getting in-house services for expansion.

This is why we do all the selling of your software, technology  and physical products to outside countries in Europe. We do not even subject you to the extra costs and risks of product sales and marketing or business expansion.

How do we achieve this?

  • We make the sales of your company products and services ourselves by creating new markets in other different countries across Europe.
  • we find and pin down customers and clients interested in purchasing your products and make agreements with key decision makers on your behalf.
  • we teach the currently existing sales workforce in your company to handle sales better and more efficiently.
  • we implement new approaches, tactics and methods, that improve the income earned from sales.

What makes Vparagon exceptional?

  • We ensure that the software solutions and products from your company are sold in Frane and all over Europe by native salesmen working for you.
  • There are no long term commitments for you.
  • We reduce the risks and cost of the business expansion for you and enable you to extend your market to a broader audience.