Sales outsourcing SaaS or how article writing influences your business.

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Alex Valassidis
sales outsourcing saas

Sales outsourcing SaaS or how article writing influences your business.

  Our sales consultancy Vparagon learned the hard way how to use Google the last years and specifically how sales outsourcing SaaS (Software as a Service) can escape from the internets biggest threat (which is obscurity), surface in the light and be found from those individuals who have interest on the topic.  I am surprised by the amount of misinformation that exists out there. I am surprised to hear so often that SEO is past and nowadays social media are the tools that make the difference in what you sell online. Before you start any activity selling online there are 2 big realisations you have to understand.  Realisation Number 1.  Nowadays I divide the world, that means individuals, companies, and marketplaces in 3 categories.   Category 1: are Digitalized Category 2: are in the process there Category 3: are not Digitalized  So, what happens is:  When you have a presence online everything seems to work, then you are in category 1. Category 1 are software companies, social media agencies, e-shops, young educated individuals that are spending a big part of their lives connected.  On category 2 are all those individuals, companies, and marketplaces that have the background (the educational background) to start being active, to start selling online, but for certain reasons are not in the level of category one. Lawyers, doctors, companies that sell complex and sophisticated physical (tangible) machines and are addressing a well-educated market that is not necessarily familiar with the new digital world. I see a huge tremendous opportunity in this area and field, and although we offer among other services, sales outsourcing saas, many of our clients are active in traditional trading, distribution channels and classical commercial activity. Again, where the educational background is there the transmission to digitalization is now in process, and now is the time to target this specific market.  On category 3, although digitalization could bring tremendous benefits (and it will) the simplicity of the companies and individuals engaged hinders the transmission to digitalization. That area is going to be the next big area to get digitalized, but still its not very developed. (I was recently searching for a friend for mine to find plumbers online in the town he lives in Greece. I was surprised to see that there was not even one plumbing service business that had a website. Not even one!!!, only via the yellow pages!!!)    Realisation Number 2.  The real world differs from the online world and one of the big differences online is that to exist (that means to be able to be seen online) you need to be visible on the eyes of individuals online, either by forcing your presence there (social media ads), or when someone searches for your service or product. Obscurity is the biggest enemy and to escape obscurity you need to create the ways to “exist” online. That means by following SEO rules and by writing articles online and kindle eBooks, the probability to create an existence is realistic. If we could as sales outsourcing saas, create this existence on a highly competitive area, imagine what a potential is hiding behind all those practically untouched professions and services on category 2 and 3?  Alex Valassidis is an expert sales consultant and managing director of Vparagon sales consultancy.  

is a sales outsourcing company that can help you sell your products, services or software in new markets. Interested to learn more how this is possible?

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