V – enhancer

is the sales approach developed from V-paragon in order to enhance (or even make possible) software and traditional trading channel sales.

The problem

Sales Managers, Business owners and CEO’s know that  an intermediate or a 3rd party is not going to put the energy or effort needed in order to promote their company’s services or products.

The reason why is because most of the times your products or services are a fraction of the activities or the products a partner (or distributor) has.

Things become even worst when the U.S.P.’s of your products and services need to be explained or analysed in order for the prospect to understand their value.

3rd parties, wholesalers and distributors often don’t have the energy, nor the time  or the expertise to put the necessary effort needed in order to get the job done.

The Solution

Vparagon generates a “win” – “win” – “win” situation for all players in the partner or distribution chanell.

Firstly, our advise is to sell your products or services directly to your end prospects if possible.

If that however is not possible, because you need a distributor in the country of interest that is going to sell your products in smaller or bigger retailers or because you are a software company and needs an channel partner to be able to place your solution in a new market then Vparagons  V-enhancer takes over.

At the beginning we make a market analysis and find all the potential B2B clients. From smaller and bigger retailers to Distributors, Wholesalers or channel partners.

Then we contact the distributors or channel partners, establish communication between you and them and follow up until a collaboration is established.

Next our team of experienced salespeople contacts the clients at the end of the B2B channel and sells them your products or solutions and forwards the order to the Distributor or Partner.

The retailers and end B2B clients are happy because they are receiving “specialized advise” from the Company Product manufacturer or Software company directly. The clients feel happy that there is a direct channel of communication with the company that can answer all their questions, they feel honoured and value this service.

The Distributors and Partners are happy because they are getting a sales service for free, specialists are taking care of difficult questions and issues that they them selves couldn’t answer easily, most of all however they are happy because Vparagon’s sales people are taking care of their clients, generate sales on their behalf and find new clients where they can promote and sell their full range of products.

Our clients are happy because we increase the sales for them, handle difficult clients and open new markets for them in new countries or territories.