Leading Sales Outsourcing Agency for Accelerated Business Growth

Leading Sales Outsourcing Agency for Accelerated Business Growth

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Vparagon – Sales Outsourcing Agency offers a holistic sales approach from A to Z. Our intention is to generate measurable sales results for you, book discovery calls and online product explanations and engage you as less as possible in the sales process. Our experienced sales team is going to insist, persist and make things happen.

Depending on the nature of the project and its complexity, either a team of SDR (Sales Development Representatives) or senior sales consultants or a combination of both are going to engage the markets and the Decisison Makers of interest.

A lead generation process can be a straightforward or quite complex procedure. Vparagon can generate both simpler leads lists or highly complex ones, accurately and with the most updated information possible. Our Sales Development Outsourcing services in Europe are tailor-made for software companies, designed for impactful market expansion.

Vparagon spends time getting to know you, your customers, your staff, and your value proposition. Together with you we conceive and generate a practical and realistic expansion plan, we identify the proper markets and decisionmakers of interest, set up crystal clear goals and specific steps to enter those markets.

After review and approval of your targeted lead list and copy, our sales outsourcing agency will launch a direct email marketing campaign to get your message to the right people at scale. Members of our team send outbound emails and LinkedIn connections on your behalf to generate the maximum possible results. The result? Increased Open, Click and Response Rate. We evaluate the results of this campaign and adopt our sales engagement accordingly.

Our b2b sales outsourcing company offers analytical, extensive, accurate surveys on behalf of our clients. We conducted so far, very successful surveys for big corporations globally, from the US and Europe, to Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Our reports are not simply excel sheets instead analytical diagrams of a high degree of complexity that offer a clear visualization of complex stats and data.

Alex Valassidis with his 30+ years of practical HANDS – ON experience in sales, offers effective, result oriented sales outsourcing solutions, training and coaching in companies around the world. He is also delivering public speaking in sales and communication related topics. Alex speaks English, German, Spanish and Greek.

What can we do for you?


We are notorious for offering the best possible sales outsourcing services that money can buy!

Why sales outsourcing?


Why Choose our sales outsourcing agency

Why Vparagon?

Our sales outsourcing agency offers good “old school’s sales” in the new digital world – effective sales outsourcing.

Our main U.S.P. (Unique Selling Point) is our integrity. You can count with us!

Worldwide sales

Because you will have native salespeople selling your products, services, and software in Europe or worldwide.

Surveys and market research

We are experts in conducting market research and surveys on behalf of big global companies and organizations, globally. Our sales outsourcing agency will provide you with analytical data and repots.

Low cost – Low risk

You are going to have a whole team of salespeople, operations, management, and infrastructure for the fraction of the cost and low risk.

Search for clients

Because we will search, find, generate, and scan prospects and potential clients and then contact them on your behalf. We offer high quality lead generation.


Our sales outsourcing agency is scalable, which means that you can have a more enhanced sales approach during months of high interest and maintain the market during low-activity months.


We insist, persist, follow up and establish communication with key decision makers.

Start selling in Europe, the United States, South America or Australia now!

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Sales outsourcing with Vparagon

Our case studies

Here are some case studies of our clients. Why they choose our sales outsourcing services? – Services offered industries served project


Stickee case study

Stickee is a creative technology agency that creates enjoyable and immersive software and digital experiences that stick with its audience. At the heart of their business is a team with a passion and commitment to innovation, and a willingness to always strive for a better way.

Arozzi case study

Arozzi case study

Arozzi is a Pro Gaming Gear brand founded in Sweden in 2013. Their gaming chairs are built in the spirit of Esports and feature an ergonomic design with high levels of comfort. Their gaming accessories draws inspiration from the world of motorsports.


Our Clients Reviews

Sales Outsourcing agency for Software / SaaS companies

Low risk - pay as you go with no long term binding contract!

Industries served project cost retainer

In our sales outsourcing agency, we believe that a business relationship is based on goodwill and trust. We want you to collaborate with our company because you are happy with our results.

We will help you to optimize your sales. From revamping your sales approach, to training and hiring sales people on your behalf and introducing you to new techniques and systems that are going to automate your sales and make you more competitive.

Our services are on a prepaid monthly basis. 

We DO NOT work on a commission based sheme only. 

You can pause or quit Vparagon at any time after a 4 month period (We ask for a 30 days notice).

Sales are not only generated from the knowledge and talent of our salespeople but also the persistence, continuity and commitment to our project.

We do not bring wonders neither we promisse any outcome.

A less than a 4 month sales outsourcing engagement collaboration does not make any sense neither for you nor for us. If you want to test the waters for 2 months only, our advise is to not test at all and save your money. Sales do not come overnight.

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