Power of spoken words

It might be true that what you think is important and not what you say, it is sometimes however that what you say can at the end influence what you think, …. And what you think is going to influence your actions and the direction of your life. So… be very careful what you say, because WHEN YOU SPEAK SOMETHING OUT LOUD IT BECOMES SOMETHING REAL, SOMETHING THAT CAN BE MEASURED, IT BECOMES PART OF THIS REALITY WE ARE LIVING. You give existence to your thoughts, either the negative ones or the positive ones and you commit yourself in front of others to certain actions or non-actions. This is the power of spoken words.

The power of spoken words and how they influence your life.


What you say sets the frames of your life’s expectations and justifies (and gives an alibi) on your actions. The spoken word is a statement, it’s like a monument on what is right and what is wrong, what your set of values is, it sets the boundaries of where and how far you move in life. Even if the spoken words are being just listened from you, they hide a tremendous power behind them. If the spoken word is being said in front of others, then this statement sets you accountable for what your next actions are going to be. That is often the reason why people that commit to something, a diet, a work plan, a career, state that out loud in front of an audience, to burn bridges with the possibility of avoidance. To set the rules and to take quitting out of the equation. 

Similarly, the spoken word that regards often obvious statements that we expect to hear from someone, has an effect to both us and the one we address or a third person on the conversation. When for example a salesman says, “We are exceptionally good on what we are doing!”, “Our car is the best vehicle in its category!” (you would not expect something else right), but even if that is the case, saying those words strengthens the sales position, strengthens the pitch, and influences the outcome of the conversation. 

On the other side, the negative spoken word also paves the path to a certain conclusion. I was listening Rich Roll’s podcast Tackle Goals Like A Navy SEAL, the story of Chadd Wright and his experience on the power of the spoken word, while on training with the buds. How his colleague quit the training as an outcome of his loud realization and spoken word that he “Chad I don’t think, I am good enough to make it through this training anymore.” 

You are your own hero. You are your own boss; you sit on the driver’s seat in life. You are responsible for all the things that you do, but you are also responsible for all the things that you could have done, and you did not. It goes on both directions.

Let us look a little bit deeper into this. How often parents in their desperate attempts to control their kids they “kill” their dreams by putting them down on what they desire most. The outcomes are most of the time devastating one way or the other. For example, let us assume the kid wants to become an artist, let us say he wants to play guitar, but his parents want him to become a lawyer and all their statements of them have one goal. To destroy his artistic ambitions, only for the reason to replace them for what they think is best for him (for what is best for them, so that they can brag in their environment). What are the outcomes? Either they are going to convince him (which is very improbable), or they are going to make him shut up stating in front of them his dreams and ambitions (which is the right action from the child’s side), disrupt the communication with them and break their ability to influence him, or if he is a weak character, he is going to give up on his dream and become a loser lawyer in some point of his life. 

The spoken word from “friends” that want you to fail, so that they feel comfort in their miserable lives. Here is a great lesson for you: Never state your plans loudly before you achieve them because if you do so, you are going to enable your “friends” (the serpents you have in your environment) to boycott your dreams. It takes a character and life experience not to get influenced by the negativity of haters around you. My advice is: do not state your plans, before you sit on the winning throne, at the point where no challenge, no questioning, is possible anymore. 

The spoken word, success, and failure in life! 

You are your own hero. You are your own boss; you sit on the driver’s seat in life. You are responsible for all the things that you do, but you are also responsible for all the things that you could have done, and you did not. It goes in both directions. 

You set what success is for you, do not mind of the opinions of other people. It does not have to be a financial success or professional success, it might be you being healthier, you being a good parent, you being calm… you are the one that knows better. 

The way you are going to use the spoken word is going to influence your life and the lives of others around you, so use it wisely and consciously. 

The success of using it is going to be an outcome of your conscious and wise use of it, to influence your environment in your favor by having 0 expectations from them. Forcing decisions is never helpful. 

Most importantly the power of the spoken word lays in the fact of the influential power it has for you. Say out loud what you want, in front of others or alone, and let it help you achieve your goals. The spoken word is going to influence your thoughts in the right direction, erase negativity and help you drive your self in the success you wish for yourself.