Case Study – Arozzi

Case Study

Arozzi is a Pro Gaming Gear brand founded in Sweden in 2013. Their gaming chairs are built in the spirit of Esports and feature an ergonomic design with high levels of comfort.

Their gaming accessories have a refined aesthetic that draws inspiration from the world of motorsports.

In early 2018 they started working together with our outsourced sales agency, Vparagon. Our responsibility was the sales development of the company in Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Greece, Israel, and Turkey.

Firstly, it is important to understand our client’s business and the profile of its clients, both on the B2C level and on the B2B one.

Afterwards, parallel searches in the countries of interest are conducted by our independent researchers in order to identify smaller and bigger retailers and distributors.

Upon finishing the research, the received information is filtered, analyzed, and enhanced with the contact details of the decision-makers, owners, and managers in charge of those businesses. These details are rounded up by telephone numbers, email addresses and LinkedIn or Xing accounts.