1. Which European countries you cover?

We cover all major European Countries such as Germany, UK, Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands, Turkey, France but also on demand we can cover other all the rest of Europe and Israel and Middle Eastern countries.

  1. You sell only IT solutions and SaaS?

NO, we help all companies, sell their products and services around Europe. Besides of software companies we help commercial companies that sell physical products, sell those products directly or through the channel to their clients.

  1. You are B2B.


  1. You say there are no contracts or no long-term commitments? Why is that?

Because we do not believe in contracts and long-term commitments. If you are not happy with our services, you can quit at any time. Business and collaborations between people and businesses are based on good will and trust.

  1. So, someone can start with you, test you for 2 months and then leave.

Yes, he can, however keep in mind that sales are not only generated from the experience and talent of our sales people but also from our persistence and continuity. When you want to create a successful sales funnel that is not something that can be achieved within 1 or 2 months, therefore we strongly recommend that when you start you have a horizon of minimum 4 -6 months.

  1. So, anyone that wants to sell his products or services in Europe can start with you?

No, not anyone. There are certain criteria that need to be met to start with us.

We need to have a clear and defined goal(s) that we want to achieve within a specific time frame. We need to know exactly how realistic and achievable his expectations are.

There needs also to be a match between our standpoints and his. Often the chemistry between people and the misunderstanding of roles are defining factors for a prosperous collaboration or one that should never have started.

Finally, the necessary budget needs to be there.

  1. You mentioned budget. Do you work with a fixed amount per month or also on commission based only?

Most of the times we work on a combination between fixed payments per month and commissions. Depending on the project. Commission only is an absolut NO for us.

  1. What happens if someone has a seasonal business, he sells for example Winter Sports accessories, so he would like to have a sales team selling his products between September and March and stop between April and August. Is that possible?

Absolutely, that is one of Vparagon’s main advantages. With us you can have enhanced sales activities during the months of high interest and just maintain the market or even stop all sales activities during months of low interest. Our services are scalable and adjustable.

  1. Your price depends on the markets that someone sells? That means that someone that sells in many countries pays more than someone that sells just in one?

Our prices depend on the intensity of our sales activities regardless of the amount of countries, jurisdictions or territories that someone is selling. An enhanced sales approach in one country only might be more expensive that a regular sales approach in 3 different countries. That is the reason why we make our offers after a personal consultation.