Sales Outsourcing: Our Sales Consultancy helps you effectively expand and accelerate your sales in Europe.

What we offer!

  • We do the selling for you, easily and effectively without any long-term commitments.
  • We make your products available in the market for interested buyers
  • We contact clients,sell your services and products and even give methodological demonstrations
  • We give special training to the existing sales team for more efficiency and better sale.
  • We can improve current sales techniques and improve tactics to secure sales more often.
  • Dependable services that guarantee better financial results within up to four months

Why Vparagon?

  • You will access a number of native people making sales for your business all around Turkey and Europe.
  • We will research the prospects of your business and find clients for you.
  • We will maintain frequent communication with key decision makers making follow-up calls.
  • We guarantee insignificant risk and low cost, though not free services.
  • Because we are scalable. Meaning extensive sales activities during months of high interest while we just maintain the market (or pause) on low activity months.