Partner Sales in collaboration with Tenego

sell in Europe

Partner Sales in collaboration with Tenego

Vparagon in collaboration with Tenego Partnering offers partner sales and more enhanced service

We help innovative tech, software and commercial companies extend their reach into Europe by providing expert, sales services, without the costs, risks and delays associated with opening offices and hiring employees.

What we can do for you:

We can open new markets for you and sell your products or services, easy, effectively, inexpensively and immediately – with no long-term commitments or contracts.

We can generate leads and find potential clients, establish communication between you and key decision makers and arrange “Go to market” calls and Technical demos on your behalf.

We can train and coach your existing sales team, follow up your sales, achieve continuity and bring steady results.

We can consult you on Sales Techniques and Tactics, optimize your Sales approach and your Systems.

Additional services (Direct and Partner Sales)

1)  Attending an industry event or trade show?

Would you like run a campaign to arrange meetings with target customers at the event?
Would you like to arrange follow-up calls after the event on leads gathered?

2) Organising your own event? Physical or Webinar

Help in creating a compelling event or webinar topics, and speaker attraction of interest to your customer base
Drive attendance with a mixed email marketing and phone campaigns
Would you like to arrange follow-up calls on leads gathered? 

3) Marketing; Email, Webinar, Social, Digital Advertising Campaigns + Phone Follow up
Email Marketing:

Would you like to add Email Marketing, with automation to test messaging and generate awareness, interest and leads?
Would you like to add Content+Email Marketing+Social Media+Digital Advertising to drive leads, with phone follow up?

4) Sales Channel Partner Support – Are you selling through partners? Partner sales. 

Would you like to help your partners sell with cooperative marketing campaigns with phone follow up to drive pipeline growth and sales
Are your sales channels partners not performing, would you like to review your partnering strategy or partner program for better focus and results? (Tenego)

You see measurable and financial results with 2-4 months. 

Why Tenego / Vparagon? – Direct sales and Partner sales

Because with us you are going to have a team of experienced native speaking sales people calling prospects in different countries on your behalf.

Because you do not need to commit to any long-term contract, social insurance, paid holidays and other obligations as you do when you hire “in house” employees. 

We are scalable, high sales intensity in prime months, low intensity activity in off season months.Ideal for seasonal products.

How much do you currently pay for a sales person? How many countries does he/she cover?

Let’s have a friendly, free consultation.