Stretch and speed up your vending in France.

We can bring about trails, look for possible buyers, call them in french and put up for sale your goods, services and software.


What we do: 

We aid software, innovative tech companies and traditional trading companies grow their reach in France and Europe by giving experts sales, outsourcing services. 

    • We can start new markets places for you to sell your goods and services. This can be carried out immediately, easily, effectively and inexpensively.
    • We can connect you and source for buyers, we can also create a communication system between you and key decision makers and generate “Go to market calls” and technical demos on your behalf.
    • We offer training and coaching programs to your existing sales team, they will be guided on how to follow up your sales, achieve continuity and generate stable results.
    • We offer consultation services on sales techniques and tactics in order to optimize your sales approach and your systems.
    • You will observe the results within two to four months

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