Maximize and increase your sales in Portugal.

We search and find future partners and customers for your organization, by contacting them in Portuguese and sell your products, services or software solutions effectively and efficiently. 


How can we be of help to you? 

We promote innovative tech software companies and traditional trading companies by expanding their coverage into Portugal by giving professional sales services. 

  • We come to the aid of innovative tech, software and commercial firms and lengthen their reach into Portugal and Europe by offering sales outsourcing services
  • We can increase the sale of your goods and services within a short time with no long term commitments or contracts. 
  • We can train your salespeople to have a better view of new sales and marketing skills that will be of advantage of your business.
  • We can expand your business methods and techniques for better sales.
  • We can boost your results in a few months depending on the type of industry you are in.