Sell your software solutions and physical products in Greece.

Broadening the scope of your market for your business is a really mind-boggling affair. This is due to the costs, risks and hard work involved. Employing in-house staff to manage your business and build it, for instance, means offices and hiring employees. In many cases, it proves even more expensive in the long run to extend your business this way.

However, at Vparagon, we work at lowering those risks and costs for you and taking your software and technology to new, wider markets across Europe.

What do we entail?

  • We open new markets for you where we sell your software products and services and physical products easy and efficiently.
  • We find leads on prospects and find potential customers for you, build relations between you and key decision makers and establish communication between them and you.
  • We give specialized training to sales teams already in place and equip them with the proper knowledge needed for making better sales.
  • We guarantee improved financial results from your business in only a matter of months.

Why opt for Vparagon?

  • because your software and technology, as well as any other goods of trade get to venture the Greek market with trained salespeople selling them in Greek.
  • because you do not tie yourself to any obligations, contracts or long-term commitments.
  • because you are going to expand your presense in the Greek market and generate sales within 2 – 4 months, depending on the industry.



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