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Sales Outsourcing in Spain

Did you just think about Spain? Well, don’t go far. Spain is the best place to outsource without limits. The Spanish language is spoken in many areas of the world in almost the whole of South and Central America, but also in the USA.  

Outsourcing sales in Spanish will be a big deal because it is a developed country with lots of ongoing businesses. Spains tourism industry is the second largest in the world, bringing billions of euros into the country’s economy. It also has an equal e-commerce Market worth 18.2 billion euros, 41% of the population already shipping online, not to forget a 61% of those shoppers who are willing to purchase from international sellers.

Are you still reading? Well, read on to find everything you need to know about the Spanish market trends and top products.

Top Products Sold in Spain

If you are looking to grow your business internationally, then you should consider the Spanish market. Some of the best products sold in Spain are;

  • Wind Power
  • Solar Power
  • Pamela (a type of rice dish)
  • Tapas
  • Football (Soccer) appliances

Critical considerations for selling in Spain

What are some of the major considerations you need to put in place after deciding that your business destination is Spain? If you are after a quick success, then try this tricks and you will love the Spanish market:

  • It would help if you understood the delivery expectation
  • Consider offering a section of payment method
  • You should put in mind the local language customer service
  • Try to provide detailed product information
  • Have a simple return policy
  • Find a sales agency in Spain

Popular e-commerce platforms in Spain

Spain operates several of its online marketplaces; hence many of them appear to be more focused on Spanish merchants. You can alternatively use these platforms to identify your rivals, know the trend for your products and also market your products.

Those e Commerce sites include

  • Privalia
  • Carrefour
  • Spartoo
  • Zalando
  • es
  • es

VAT Reverse Charges in Spain Market.

Spain uses the reverse charges system, unlike most EU states. In Spain any transaction is going to be recorded through the VAT returns to the customer. You will not charge VAT to your customers.


In summary, sales outsourcing in Spain is a big yes! There is no major drawback that may limit your business from making million dollars profits! What are you waiting for? Expand your business to Spain today!

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