How to sell in Europe?

sell in Europe

To sell in Europe is easier than you think. 

In case you are trying to start your business in a European country, to sell in Europe, know that you do not need to found a company in this country, you just need to VAT register. It is way easier than you think.

We can represent your company and bring you in a “READY TO GO” status within 2 weeks. We can handle tax issues, tax refunds and accelerate your sales and help you sell in Europe your products and services and in multiple international markets.

At Vparagon, we produce measurable results in 2 months and financial results in as little as 4 months with a fraction of the cost you would have had otherwise.
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Sell in Europe vs Sell in the U.S.

Achieving effective sales strategies in the European Market versus the U.S. Market has always required different approaches.  This is emphasized further with the changes occurring in B2B sales, which ultimately creates an even greater contrast in the sales approach within these two markets.

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Outsourcing sales

Sales Team outsourcing – The benefits!

There are numerous benefits to outsourcing your sales, and yes, I am biased as a major component of our business is sales outsourcing. These include:


Why are non-EU businesses responsible for EU VAT?

Since European governments need to guarantee they get taxes on all products and enterprises consumed by their residents, even merchandise and services originating from other parts of the world. Physical items are taxed at customs. Digital items clearly don’t cross any borders to go through customs, so digital items have VAT added.