9 cold calling techniques that convert

9 cold calling techniques that convert

Cold calling techniques

Cold calling techniques

So… you want to learn cold calling techniques for sales? Do you want to learn cold calling techniques that really work?

So here are my golden 9 

Cold calling techniques

  1. Have a strong message and a strong product or service you believe in.

If you don’t believe in the product you are selling, DON’T sell it. If your message is weak, create a strong message based on facts. Period! You cannot sell lies!!!

  1. Go straight to the point.

When you place a call, you place a call to sell something. You know that, and the receiver of the call knows that. DO NOT TRY TO DISGUISE THE CALL AS SOMETHING ELSE. If the prospect asks you what you want to sell me; Answer: Mr. XXXXX I called you because I want to sell you this. With this, you can do XXXXX and XXXXXX. It’s a fantastic product. Do you have 5 mins for me?

  1. Be aware to whom you are speaking.

If you are speaking to the secretary, your pitch is going to be different from the pitch you are going to use when you are speaking to the decision maker. You can find more information on how to establish communication with your prospect by downloading my free PDF.

  1. Use references if you have them.

Mr. XXX I have your contact details from Mr. XXXX. This is going to give you the 30 seconds you need to attract the attention of your prospect. References are a super important tool.

  1. Never Lie

Good salespeople never lie, and the ones that lie are bad sales professionals. Besides the fact that it’s unethical, most of the time it’s going to blow in your face. So… Do not lie.

  1. Insist (cold calling techniques) 

INSIST LIKE HELL on the product or service that you sell if it is challenged. Do not accept derogative comments about it. If you believe and are confident in your product, then you are not going to accept comments like that.

  1. Be persistent (cold calling techniques) 

Your persistence only is a reason for someone to hear you. Most salespeople give up too easily, but do not be like most salespeople, be persistent. You are persistent because you believe that your product or service you are selling is going to add value to the prospect you are talking. But… Understand also when a NO is a NO and don’t lose time on a prospect that is not going to become a client. (Download my Cold Calling PDF to learn more about Cold Calling)

  1. Follow-up religiously

Many salespeople are losing sales just because they do not follow up, or because they follow up but are inconsistent and fluffy. Don’t be like those people. If the secretary tells you, you should call the prospect back in one hour, call back in exactly one hour. 


It’s the tone of your voice and your confidence that sells. Your confidence is the No 1 factor for success in sales, let alone on telephone sales. Your confidence is something that should come naturally because you believe in your product and believe in yourself. Your confidence is more important than the characteristics of your product. You cannot fake up your confidence, that’s why good salespeople cannot sell every day because not every day can you have that extra…needed to be able to be confident and sound confident.

Alex Valassidis is the managing director of Vparagon and an expert sales coach and consultant. 

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Alex Valassidis
Alex Valassidis


Alex is a Managing Director and Supervisor at Vparagon, a sales consultancy that helps companies expand and accelerate their sales in new markets.

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