A Comprehensive Guide To Market Research Outsourcing

A Comprehensive Guide To Market Research Outsourcing
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Conducting thorough market research outsourcing is among one of the best ways to determine the needs and wants of the people. Besides, market research can also give you insight into how people behave according to the market efforts of businesses. Some businesspersons might also be confused by the true meaning of a slightly similar term used in the business world- marketing research. However, both these terms are completely different. Marketing research majorly focuses on the processes that a company should change or remove from current business strategies. Contrary to this, market research revolves around the target customers or market. Both of these tasks can be eventually outsourced to a reliable company that provides different research services. Since doing market research is more specific to the target market, companies consider outsourcing it more often. 

Benefits of market research outsourcing

Many people have already shown interest in promotional activities and advertisements from a new or establishes business. It has boosted the market research outsourcing industry, considering the scalable impacts of market research outsourcing on various branding and marketing efforts. It triggers the pressure for marketing leaders to understand the untapped market, potential customers, and major competitors. This is where market research outsourcing companies step in. Following are some major benefits of market outsourcing the market research: 

Access to Talent and Capabilities

By opting for a third party to do the market research, you will access the talent and research capabilities without incurring the recruitment or training costs. As conducting market research is among the most important business growth drivers, trusting the established companies’ capabilities and talent is the best choice. Relying on market research providers enables you to access new talent pools with local expertise and skills, such as technical know-how, the local language, and culture.

Strategic Benefit

While thinking about sourcing market research out, business flexibility is a crucial factor that should be taken into account. By outsourcing this critical business aspect, business owners will have enough time to focus on important business activities. When you farm out non-core business activities to industry specialists, you can scale better and be all in on the competitive advantages. 

Mature Practices

Businesses that outsource market research processes have seen that their outsourcing partner are the expert in their field. The added advantage is whenever you pass the instructions to the courses of action; they will never hesitate to offer amazing benefits. In addition to this, the in-house marketing team (if any) will focus more time on creating strategies and studying the business trends. Handing over the market research to experts, businesses can search for ways to scale by linking the blank spaces among the capabilities of the team. You know, the more expertise, the better it is for your business.


Being efficient and being effective are like two sides of a coin. Most businesses strive to be efficient as it means to get more value to the business by exerting minimal efforts, expenses, and time. Market research outsourcing can be a really good way to save your resources and succeed in a project. However, the various perks go hand in hand with the advantage. It includes diversified talent pools, advanced technology, reliable sources, faster and extensive data acquisition, authentic information, and premium reports delivered in due time. Let’s admit, market research involves almost all these steps, and outsourcing is a positive way to improve overall efficiency.  


Another major perk of market research outsourcing is risk-sharing. Since the research provider and the company both will be accountable for the output, it is in the best interest of the outsourcing company to provide the best research results. They will make the best efforts to point out the biggest mistakes that you might have done on social media platforms by presenting the market research results.

Cost Savings

The majority of the business lean towards market research outsourcing as it cut down on costs. As outsourcing companies have the required technology and industry experts to leverage the scales, outsourcers can boost savings while improving the profit margin simultaneously. Subscribing to premium databases and investing in infrastructure can prove very expensive for your business; partnering with market research providers can save you a lot. 
  • Skilled At Data Collection And Interpretation

Market research experts are well-aware of the changing trends and have the ability to adapt to digital mediums quickly. They can conduct complex analysis quite easily for your business. You will get highly structured and valid data about your market in the form of images and sentiments to help you devise better marketing strategies for your business. 
  • Beefed up analytical toolkits

Market research outsourcing companies will have access to the global database to perform a series of important tasks and get information about the target market. Such firms will also have a pulse on emerging trends and will not think about investing in the latest and valuable products to offer the best services to the clients. An outsourcing organization can leverage such firms to step into the untapped market with the help of an array of market research tools that can be cumbersome to deploy for an in-house team with restricted budgets. 
  • Scientific Results Through Data Modelling

The world is transforming into a global village, and with the ever-expanding market size, the data is expanding beyond human calculations. The trend of scientific and statistical modelling techniques is rising, which help in bringing effective outcomes for the business. Professional market research outsourcing companies are using data modelling to give a comprehensive insight into the target market to devise the best ways to develop business strategies. 

Pitfalls of Marketing Research Outsourcing

When you are outsourcing the crucial business function to a third-party, it is important to consider both sides of the picture. Focusing solely on the benefits isn’t enough as the decision or market research outsourcing has some drawbacks as well. However, you won’t be able to reap the potential benefits of outsourcing if you fall prey to any of the below-mentioned pitfalls:
  1. Getting confused between marketing research and market research
  2. Outsourcing the wrong functions
  3. Choosing the wrong market research outsourcing company
  4. Not knowing the actual reason for outsourcing the market research
  5. Relinquishing too much control while outsourcing 
  6. Setting unrealistic expectations
  7. The gap of communication between in-house and outsourcing team
  8. Inadequately managing the outsourcing team
Suppose you don’t have the budget to outsource the entire project. In that case, you have the option to outsource any combination of sampling, project management, market study design, formulating questionnaire, data collection and processing, data analysis, programming, and/or reporting. You can also talk to the market research outsourcing company to customize the mix for each project that you want to hand over to them. 

Wrapping Up!

Already established businesses tend to conduct thorough market research more frequently to know if they are on the right track. As the customers’ demands and needs are continually changing, it is essential to keep up with the target market and customers to be a part of the competition. However, it can be expensive and take up a lot of time of the in-house teams.   On the other hand, startups and SMEs need to conduct market research to improve the chances of growth and success. The companies should have an insight into the ever-changing business trends and need a lot more resources to scale up their business. Thus, it is wise to consider outsourcing market research to a trusted partner to get desired results. 

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