Pünktlichkeit, Exactness and Over-deliver

Pünktlichkeit, Exactness and Over-deliver
puenktlichkeit in sales

Some time ago I was reading an article on how reciprocity works as a sneaky method on

manipulating someone doing something that he does not or let’s say he is unwilling to do.


Often not even realized from the offender, many times used unconsciously this is the preferred

method of certain family members to others to achieve their goals. The “sacrificing” mother, the

“open-heart” uncle that always takes our side, he/she is our best friend, until the point where

she/he feels is time for you to pay back his/her kindness. If you don’t, then a lot of “Schuldgefülle“,

feelings of guilt are going to be generated, make you feel bad until you make them this favour you

don’t want to.


In a more abstract scenario, I was watching a documentary about “Americas toughest prisons”

where older inmates approached the new ones by making them presents – which if accepted –

drove with certainty on an abused “friendship”.


Although reciprocity is a dirty trick used consciously or unconsciously its surely a method that does

not belong to a software sales outsourcing company, not an ethical one at least.


Through my long years on selling on all possible terrains, industries and cultures I came to

the realization that there are 3 universal ways where you can push and squeeze outcomes and achieve your expectations.




Generalization is the mother of non-doingness. Let me explain. The more exact and the more precise

you speak, the stronger you set the expectations of the next step and you make things happen. On

the other hand, if you want to avoid something, then talk general and things are never going to



Example (Sales call between the inside sales agent and prospect on booking a technical demonstration for next week).




Agent: So Mr. X, we can book a call for next week and organize a technical demonstration.

Prospect: Yes, that would be ok.

Agent: Ok, send me please an email and let me please know when we could have this call.

Prospect: Ok thank you, I will.

Agent: Thank you, goodbye

Prospect: Goodbye



Agent: So Mr. X, we can book a call for next week and organize a technical demonstration.

Prospect: Yes, that would be ok.

Agent: Next week on Tuesday at 10:00 am CET is that a good time for you or would you prefer on

next week Wednesday at 03:00 pm CET, what works best for you Mr. X?

Prospect: on Wednesday.

Agent: Very good, let me please write that down. So, …. Next week Wednesday on the 17th of July at

03:00 pm CET I am going to call you at this No.: XXXXXXX to have this technical demo between us and

you. Thank you very much, Mr. X. I am going to send you an invite at the email address: XXXX within

the next 10 minutes.

Prospect: Thank you.


Not only we were super exact on the time of the event and the time zone, not only we verified his

telephone No. and his email address, but we added pressure to him by writing down our





Pay your employees and your co-workers exact on time and the exact amount you owe them,

without missing a penny. By being super correct on your payments you set also the expectations you

have from them. The moment you start missing those 2 points, is the moment you start to lose

control of your business.




Deliver good quality work, that adds value and surpasses your customers’ expectations.


Especially as an outsourced sales agency, you do not deliver just work. You deliver the hunting, go

get them spirit behind. Salespeople work on the result bringing business and results are not achieved

by just doing your work correctly.


Results on sales are achieved by putting more into it, putting your soul, passion soft-skills and

activating the tiger, you have inside. This one call more, this necessity on being in a good mood in

order to place this important call, is what makes us salespeople what we are. Those are the weapons

we bring on the table…. and ultimately that is what is expected from us, from both our clients and

our prospects. By doing so, you make it impossible for your client not to continue with you.

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Alex Valassidis
Alex Valassidis


Alex is a Managing Director and Supervisor at Vparagon, a sales consultancy that helps companies expand and accelerate their sales in new markets.

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