Sales as a Service: Everything You Need To Know About

Sales as a Service: Everything You Need To Know About
Sales as a service
The Sales as a Service market is continually evolving around the globe. Even the most successful businesses, such as Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon, outsource the sales to a third-party. This augmentation of in-house sales representative teams with an outsourced sales force to drive more revenue increases in popularity. Fortune 500 companies and startups are embracing the worth of outsourced sales teams alike.  But do you know what exactly Sales as a Service means? It might feel a bit ambiguous. For this reason, we have decided to put in our efforts to give you a closer look at what does it exactly mean and can companies leverage it.

Delimiting Sales as a Service

The concept of this model is borrowed from other as-a-service imitations operating today that feature various offerings as a service to third parties. Most of these businesses offer services related to cloud technology solutions. The service provider will still own the software or hardware and will only lease it to customers in order to save on their large capital expenditures.  Outsourcing sales is not a whole new concept. Companies have been using distributors, traders, commissioners, and suppliers for centuries to elevate their sales to earn more revenue. They use different strategies like targeting new market segments or audiences that have not previously been able to engage with your business. But there arises a question; what’s contemporary to Sales as a Service? It aids startups and established businesses outsource their sales tasks to a long-term and reliable partner who will act as a sales manager. Contrary to this, traders and distributors don’t collaborate with your firm as a partner. They operate as a separate entity under their name and structures. The majority of the businesses prefer to work with a designated partner, as the presence of an intermediary cannot connect the consumers to the business. Keeping in view this point, it is becoming critical to building an ongoing relationship with a third party sales firm. Your business will benefit from the expertise and experience of the intermediary while leveraging the Sales as a service model. Additionally, it can be achieved without going far away from the consumers. Though Sales as a Service work similarly, it goes way beyond getting remote sales representatives on-board. You might want to know what the major benefits of having an inside sales outsourcing partner can be for your business. We have scoured a list of core elements to look for while collaborating with a Sales as a Service partner. 

Embracing the core power of the Sales as a Service model

Have a team of expert sales reps

Sales as Service will make sure having an experienced and dedicated sales force that consists of seasoned professionals who are well-versed will all the sales tasks. The sales representatives have a thorough understanding of a business’ offerings and brand equity to offer consultative sales and become a committed representative of any company. When you choose to outsource the sales processes, you are actually eliminating the expenses, work, and time required to hire, train, and manage in-house sales reps.  Thus, a business can build its core competencies with an outsourced sales partner, and this can be done while entering into untapped geographies, markets, and segments.

Tackle data analytics 

Business owners and managers embrace the worth of making informed decisions in the competitive era. The process of collecting and analyzing a huge chunk of data from various business markets needs a lot of time and resources. But when you opt for Sales as a Service, they will take the hassle off your shoulders. Their designated team members will accumulate and analyze the data to get an insight into brand loyalty and the latest market trends. The outsourced sales partner will empower your business to assess its outreach strategy’s true essence. Thus, it won’t be wrong to say that sales outsourcing will invaluably benefit your business to expand its operations into new markets and geographies.

Cutting-edge sales technology

Levering the latest sales technology for your business can break your bank. However, a Sales as a Service partner will focus on using cutting-edge technology to make sure every sales effort is on the right track. For instance, customer relationship management and sales automation can optimize the sales process of a business manifold. Thus, a business that is outsourcing the sales process will not have to invest hefty amounts in sales enablement technologies. For this reason, getting an outsourced sales team on-board will bring its real-time data analytics and latest technology to fine-tune existing sales processes.  

Unmatched flexibility of sales reps

If you determine the effort level needed to meet your pre-set sales goals for a stipulated time, you will get to know the right amount of energy to put into your strategy. Hence, you and your sales outsourcing partner will determine the number of sales staff required to achieve the target. 

Benefits and value that Sales as a Service can bring to your business

Highly specialized talent

Your offerings, products or services, are not the exclusive influences on the sales. Behind stellar customer experience is a team of dedicated people. When your existing customers are satisfied, they will not only return to your business but will also spread positive words of mouth about your offerings to drive more sales. Sales teams of a Sales as a Service firm have experienced and highly skilled individuals who are well aware of creating one-of-a-kind experiences for consumers.   A team of highly professional sales reps can offer in-depth knowledge of your offering to the targeted market segment to build long-term relationships. Sales as a Service will also provide empowered data analytics and prediction tools to augment the internal teams. 

Time and cost savings

If you want to speed the marketing efforts of your business while saving time and resources, Sales as a Service is the best option. You will rest assured of having sales processes streamlined. Your business will also deploy a highly efficient workforce without investing in time-consuming and costly infrastructure.  On the other hand, hiring in-house sales reps can take months. In the time spent on hiring senior sales reps, outsourcing sales tasks can bring invaluable expertise to your team. 

Minimal risk

When you move to the Sales as a Service model, it offers you the surety of minimal risks of getting lost in the midway of your sales process. They have been into sales for years, and sales are the only thing they do the best. Thus, your business will be at minimal risk of getting the investment wasted. 

Getting Started

The changing trends and evolving landscape have introduced a shift away from conventional in-house sales models. However, the aggressive sales goals and desire to surpass their competitors haven’t changed and are likely to be the same in the future. No matter if there is incredible economic uncertainty, the rigorous competition is not getting slow.   As a result, sales service providers are being challenged in ways they might have never imagined. However, the Sales as a Service model is a reliable way for the organization during the unprecedented time. Businesses who want to bolster their services in a cost-efficient way can shore up their existing customer base and enter into new markets at a rapid speed. Besides, outsourcing some parts or the whole sales process will help you deploy a dedicated salesforce in a fraction of time and cost while leveraging the best talent available.   

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