Sales outsourcing companies in India.

Sales outsourcing in India
sales outsourcing companies in India

With no doubts, India is a superpower in the world of IT. Thousands if no millions of high educated IT professionals in the second biggest country in population in the world.

Together with that development sales outsourcing companies in India emerged the last years offering their services in international markets in very competitive prices. 

Although however the quality of the staff and the price competitiveness is there, specifically in the sales sector Indian companies are not recommendable for many reasons. 

Sales outsourcing companies in India – 4 important facts

Market Saturation.

Everybody speaks English in the world which means that UK-based, or US-based technology companies are literally “bombarded” daily by Indian call centers that call themselves sales outsourcing companies.

As a result, the oversupply of those calls makes it nowadays extremely difficult for them to pass the automated systems that many companies have or to achieve to pass through the secretary and speak to the decision-maker of interest.

The Indian accent is a reason not to forward the call. It is sad but is the way it is. (To emphasize this point, Vparagon often gets contacted by Indian companies that would like to source their sales out in Europe asking for European salespeople, so that they can have a German, English, and Spanish face in the market of interest.)

Cultural differences make it very often difficult to work with sales outsourcing companies in India.

That is not the case with every Indian company, it is however often a reason that causes issues in the communication, especially if high c level executives need to be contacted. 

Poor English level is also often the case.

Even if India is part of the commonwealth and even if English is an official language in the country, very often the level of spoken English is poor. 

Limitations to other western languages narrow down sales outsourcing companies in India.

You can have a sales agent that besides English speaks another 5 languages such as Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Marathi, and so on, those languages, however, are of no use when sales activities are being placed in Europe. It is almost impossible to find a sales outsourcing company in India, where a good level of German, French, Italian, or Spanish is going to be spoken. 

Important is to understand that this article refers to the reasons why not to choose a sales outsourcing company in India and not a call center or a customer support agency. 

As regards the technical support business, India offers high-quality customer support services at very competitive prices. 

What regards the call center activities, that is a long topic of discussion, mainly about the confusion that exists.

A sales outsourcing company is not a call centre. The KPI’s are different, the quality and quantity of calls differ and in my opinion, in today’s GDPR and privacy-sensitive world I can not see the space where a call center can operate. In most of the cases, we talk about aggressive telephone calls molesting consumers to purchase dubious services and products such as gambling, bitcoin, etc. 3

That has nothing to do with the high-quality, professional calls that are made by sales professionals, offering complex services and products on a B2-B level. Legitimate interest is the basis of a sales outsourcing company. 

Alex Valassidis
Alex Valassidis


Alex is a Managing Director and Supervisor at Vparagon, a sales consultancy that helps companies expand and accelerate their sales in new markets.

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