Words to use and not to use in sales

Words to use and not to use in sales

Different types of words that sell. 

– If you are in sales, then definitely you are
aware about the power that certain words have.My name is Alex Valassidis, I’m an Expert Sales Consultant, and Managing Director of Vparagon, the sales outsourcing company that can expand and accelerate your sales in Europe.

In this video, we are going to talk about the power that certain
words have in sales, which ones you should definitely use, and which ones you should better avoid.

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The most negative word you can use in sales is the word, problem.

Never use this word.

Problem means either that your product is problematic or the solution that you
are selling is problematic, or the whole sales process is problematic.

This word is a very negative word, has a very negative
impact on your prospect.

Instead of this word, use the words that sell: issue, or the words, challenge.

There are three words in sales that show uncertainty and unconfidence in the product or the
solution that you are selling. And those words are the words, hope, perhaps and maybe.

Never use these words.

Instead, use words that show confidence and belief in the product or the
solution that you are selling, words that sell. 

Such as proven, 100% guarantee.

If you do not believe in the product that you are selling, don’t sell it. Because you are not going to sell it.

Obviously, that is a word that you should never use in sales, because what is obvious to you may not be obvious to your prospect.

Secondly, obviously may offend your prospect because he might assume you mean that he’s stupid, and he cannot understand what is obvious to you.

Avoid this word.

Cheap is a word that you should never use in sales. The reason why is because cheap is not only associated with price but also with the quality of the product or the solution that you are selling.

When I was a student, I was working in Germany in a store that was selling cigars.

And I was using the word, cheap.

So the word cheap in German is billig.

So I was using the billig. So the manager of the store
came to me and he told me, Alex don’t use the word “billig”.

Instead use the word “Günstig”.

Günstig is an alternative word in German that applies to the price but not to the quality of the product.

In English, you can use the words that sell:  affordable, and inexpensive. But don’t use the word cheap.

Depending on the situation, avoid to use very strong words in sales.

Let me give you an example.

I often speak with my
clients about partnerships. We want to partner with them.

The word partnership and partnering is a word that I avoid to use.

The reason why is that
it’s a very strong word and brings a fear to my prospect.

Instead, I use other
words that are lighter.

Such as collaboration.

One thing is collaboration,
one thing is a partnership.

Maybe in the end, it’s the same. But partnerships sound very heavy.

So avoid heavy words in your sales pitch, instead use words that sell. 


Yes, honestly.

Honestly is a word that you should avoid in your sales pitch.

Because if you use the word honestly, that implies that everything
that you said until now was dishonest.

Avoid the word honestly.

When you are in sales avoid subjects such as religion, politics, subjects that bring tension.

Avoid using slang words.

Instead, use industry jargon that’s very positive. Jargon language belongs in words that sell. 

And also adapt yourself to the cultural background
of your prospects.

I, for example, am making calls in several countries around the world.

I’m calling in the UK, I’m calling in the United States, I’m also calling in Germany.

While in the United States and in the UK, it’s common to call your prospect with his first name.

Hello Jack, how are you today?

That is something that is very uncommon in Germany, to call somebody “Guten Tag Hans”.

You don’t do that.

You say “Guten Tag Herr Schmidt”.

That’s the way you address someone in Germany.

So be aware of the cultural background of your client.

Adapt to his cultural background, respect it, and do your
sales approach accordingly.

So what are the words that you should use in sales? 

Words that sell: 

Which are those power words
that are going to increase the impact of your sales pitch?

The number one word, the most important word that
you should use in sales, it’s your prospect’s name.

By using your prospect’s name, you make the whole
conversation more personal and you give gravity in
what you are selling.



This is the other most important word that you should know when you have your sales presentation, sales conversation, or sales pitch.

Always try to let this word slip when you begin talking to your prospect.

I, for example, always introduce myself,

I’m Alex, I’m the Sales Account Manager, I’m the inside sales, or whatever, but there has to be the sales word inside.

Because of the sales word is inside, then subconsciously, your prospect knows

that this talk is a sales talk.

You put the boundaries of this, you define the boundaries
of this conversation.

The other magic word is because.

Because is a very strong word that every salesperson should use.

And not only a salesperson
but also sales managers, leaders and so on.

The word because it’s
so extremely important.

Because it backs up, it
supports what you said before.

If you say something, if you make your sales pitch without the reason why you
are saying those things that you said, then nobody is
going to take you seriously.

Also, if you are a sales manager and you are trying to
convince your salespeople to the new policy of the company, you have to explain to them why this new policy is there.

Always use the word because when you are selling something.

Results and benefits.

When you are selling a
product or service, you are not selling the
product and the service.

You are selling the results, the benefits, and the solutions, that your prospect is going to get by purchasing, by buying your product.

Thank you.

This is the word that I
actually very seldom hear from salespeople.

When your client goes your way, or he doesn’t go your
way, it doesn’t matter, always say thank you.

Thank you for listening, thank you for deciding on our solution, thank you for your time.

It’s a magic word, believe me.

Download on the link
here: https://vparagon.com/words-to-use-in-sales/ the analytical PDF with all the words that you should use or not use in sales.

Also comment below and let me know which are the words that you use or you don’t use when you make your sales pitch.

Thank you very much.

This is Alex Valassidis from Vparagon.

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