Why I started this Blog? A written article.

A written article. 


This Blog and website were supposed to start on the 1st of January 2021.

Almost five months later, I post my first article after countless issues (mainly of technical nature). A written article. 

I could still optimize and still work on issues; however, there is a point where enough is enough.

“A good plan executed now is better than a perfect plan next week.” General George Patton.

There are three reasons why I started this Blog, and they are not of hidden higher values, instead of practical nature.

Vparagon, my sales outsourcing consultancy, is a model that does not make me happy. It has some fundamental issues.

The issues that it has are that a major part of its effectiveness and success depends on the quality of the salespeople, the sales freelancers that work for me. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of our projects depends on their skills, willingness to learn, and work ethic. It is painful, and it hurts to see opportunities slip away just because an idiot claims prior to hiring that he is a sales professional. 

The truth as a starting point leads to the understanding of the problems and shows the solution. It is below the surface, where the truth is hiding, and understanding the real reasons why things happen, drives to the right conclusions and solutions.

It is not only me that has issues like that. There are countless professionals out there who face the exact same issues and problems and cannot grow. Growth compromises quality, where an individual’s engagement is needed.

Books such as “The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It”  by Michael E. Gerber shed light on the topic; the appliance in reality, however, proves to be more difficult than the theory.

Not all parts of Vparagon are challenging, or let me put it this way, “out of control.” There are parts, operations, and procedures that can be standardized, but the sales talent must be there. Yes, we can give advice, train, practice at the end of the day; however, the soft skills and hunting spirit has to be there. Especially when more complex sales are required, a rookie is simply not a good fit.

This Blog aims to sell my management, consulting, and coaching services without the offering of salespeople placing sales calls. Those stay with the client, his call, his responsibility.

The second reason this Blog was created is to say things with their name and out of today’s conformity. Give accurate, no-nonsense advice for businesses, sales operations and help business people and individuals make the right decisions. I am not here to be likable but to help you grow in the real world.

Not trying to be likable and don’t give a shit of other people’s opinions, is a double-edged knife. On the one side, you lose clients by not telling them what they want to hear. On the other side, if you do not have your eyes open to look yourself in the mirror and embrace criticism that often hurts, not listening to other opinions will hurt your understanding of the world and the practicality and reality of your advice.

However, not caring about other people’s opinions has an essential value. It does not compromise to say the right things instead of the popular belief and the “accepted” answers. And although it loses a part (a huge part) on potential popularity, it creates a niche itself.

Anyway, being likable to anyone means you do not stand for anything in your life. You are everything and nothing at the same time.

The truth is unpleasant and often is much more complicated than the fancy stories someone events.

But avoiding seeing the truth in the eye preconditions the wrong results and outcomes.

The truth as a starting point leads to the understanding of the problems and shows the solution. It is below the surface, where the truth is hiding, and understanding the real reasons why things happen, drives to the right conclusions and solutions.

It is hard, however. It requires that you put your ego by the side, looks yourself in the mirror, accept the hard truths, and use your most important muscle, your brain. Freely, independently, away from perceptions and obsessions.

This Blog intends to attract these people, give non-bull shity advice, while receiving constructive criticism and suggestions.

I find the internet full of clowns selling dreams and promising how to make millions. Before you make millions, create a presence and an instance online, make a couple of thousand euros, and then take it from there. I do not make millions, but Vparagon generates five figures monthly, and I think that is OK for someone like me that started from below zero here in Spain some years ago.

The third reason is to search for answers on subjects that I do not know, get the juicy information that really works, for example, in topics such as online marketing. The topic is so huge, so untransparent (That is a paradox here. Advertising was always a blurry topic, with no transparency, where decisions were made by the feeling and not by facts and data. We live in an age where we can specifically target and aim with laser-focused accuracy and again the chaos and the complexity. The lack of clearness is higher than ever), so purposely mixed and complicated that even specialists do not know what to say and what to deliver. Start a collaboration with one of them, and you are going to understand what I mean.

My goal is to create through this platform an open communication channel between you and me and between members of this Blog, exchange opinions, and help you realistically and openly on the things I know good. Through this connection, communication, networking, and exchange of information, the real value should emerge.

I hope you are going to find my articles, videos, and podcasts interesting.

Thank you for being on this list. If you found this article interesting, please share it with people you think will find value in it. You are going to help me a lot.

Stay strong.

Alex Valassidis