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Vparagon operates globally! 

We cover all major European Countries such as Germany, UK, Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands, Italy, France but also the U.S., Canada and APAC. 

We are also very strong in South America. 

NO, we help not only Software companies, but also corporations that sell complex physical products, but also commerical companies increase their sales globally, either directly or through the channel. 

Because we do not believe in contracts and long-term commitments. If you are not happy with our services, you can quit at any time. Business and collaborations between people and businesses are based on good will and trust.

Due to the fact however that our standpoint has been abused in the past from companies that wanted to just "test" the markets for ~ 35 days, we now ask for a minimum commitment of 4 months. Sales are not generated overnight. 

No, we ask for a minimum engagement of 4 months, unless it is clear from the beginning that certain shorter term objectives need to be achieved. We are open to discuss. 

No, not anyone. There are certain criteria that need to be met to start with us.

We need to have a clear and defined goal(s) that we want to achieve within a specific time frame. We need to know exactly how realistic and achievable his expectations are.

There needs also to be a match between our standpoints and theirs. Often the chemistry between people and the misunderstanding of roles are defining factors for a prosperous collaboration or one that should never have started.

Finally, the necessary budget needs to be there.

Most of the times we work on a combination between fixed payments per month and commissions. Depending on the project. Commission only is an absolut NO for us.


Absolutely, that is one of Vparagon’s main advantages. With us you can have enhanced sales activities during the months of high interest and just maintain the market or even stop all sales activities during months of low interest. Our services are scalable and adjustable. We need to know however 2 months in advance, so that we can organize our activities. 

Our prices depend primarily on the intensity of our sales activities and the nature of the business.
Software sales projects tend to be more demanding than commercial projects.
The countries, jurisdictions, and territories we engage play also a significant role on the pricing structure.
That is the reason why we make our offers after a personal consultation.

Vparagon not only specializes in Software and SaaS sales but also in selling complex physical products, where consultative sales are required and where System Integrators and channel sales constitute the sales environment.

For over 5 years now we are specialists in selling besides Software and SaaS,  high technological physical products in European and international markets.

Vparagon specializes in conducting surveys and market research for our clients. 

We deliver complex reports and have a team of sales people and NOT call center agents that conduct surveys on a B2B level for our clients.

We conduct surveys for world established French and US companies. 

Digital & SEO agencies are operating in a crazy crowded marketplace, a red ocean.

A direct sales approach does bring results, but it is primarily a numbers game, and the engagement is very intensive and difficult.

Digital & SEO agencies should double consider if they would like to apply a direct sales approach.   

Big corporations and organizations is where Vparagon feels at home. 

We offer the flexibility and adjustability those organizations require.

We worked in the past with big giants such as Innio-Waukesha Gas Engines and adopted our agency in their organization and needs. 

Yes, there is. A minimum engagement of 4 months are required. Any sales engagement less than 4 months does not make any sense neither for us nor for you. Sales don't come overnight. 

Ofcourse specific short term tasks and short term projects can be agreed if needed. 

Our KPI's depend on the nature of the project we engage. We are not a call center, therefore KPI's such as Nr of placed calls do not make any sense, as we are result oriented and not volume focused. 

We need first to understand your project, then we can discuss about KPI's and possilbe asociated OTE's. 

We do not guarantee any results and we do not promisse any outcome. 

Every market, product and project is different. After the period of 4 months we can give you our estimation, forecast and prediction for the next 4 months. We need first to engage the market in order to give any estimation. 

Anyone that guarantees you results is lying to you. 

We promisse you, you will get the best possilbe sales engagement for your investment. 

We are over 8 years in the market with dozens of happy customers. 

You can find testimonials about us on our first page and you can click on my Linkedin Profile and read the recommendations. 

We are a team of international business development managers and consultants, with families and integrity. 




Software sales & Complex Technical products and solutions such as Robots, Medical Devices, AI and Augmented Reality solutions are our turf. 

We can help you in a variety of different topics. 

  • Train your existing sales team
  • Help you on hirring new sales people
  • Construct a sales infrastructure in your organization
  • Monitor your sales engagement. 
  • Advise you on "cold calling", "copywritting", "email marketing", and "lead generation" topics
  • Manage the sales of your organization.

We are very proud for our lead generation. 

We offer to our clients HIGH QUALITY lead generation services. 

Firstly we understand your product or service and then we create the Persona we would like to target. 

We create a list of potential prospect companies in the markets of interest and then we find within those organizations the main key decission makers of interest but also secondary and satelite decissionmakers and 3rd party players. 

Then we find their LinkedIn details, their corporate, office and corporate mobile telephone numbers, their email addresses. 

We use the latest tools and have a solid lead generation infrastructure. 


Here a list of what makes us Unique in bullet points. 

  • Our profound experience in Software & SaaS sales, but also in selling complex physical products
  • We can deliver in multiple languages globally
  • We are transparent
  • Low risk & flexible
  • Most importantly our integrity as a team and my personal undisputable integrity as Alex Valassidis.

Fill the Contact Form and we are going to contact you and have a chat with you and see if our outsourced sales agency is a fit for you and if you are a fit for us.