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Sales development and optimization plan​

That might be the most important step in the sales process.

We need to understand your product/service/solution and your current sales approach correctly. Which market sectors you are targeting, what is your unique value proposition, and which are the key decisionmakers you are aiming to.

This understanding of your business is essential to avoid a wrong communication strategy, stop targeting the wrong players and roles in the target organization.

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best sales outsourcing companies

Vparagon spends time getting to know you, your customers, your staff, and your offering.

After we have a clear picture of the current sales situation and approach, we

· Identify and clarify the exact market we want to target

· Identify the proper key decision makers in this market and personas we want to engage

· Clarify the steps to enter this specific market

· Conceive and generate a clear message

· Create an expansion plan

We are going to prepare our communication strategy (email sequence, sales pitch, Linkedin messaging), engage the proper team members, train them on the approach we are going to apply go through objections and set up clear goals.

All these in the native language of the market of interest.

Vparagon: Best sales outsourcing companies

Our Services

Lead Generation

A lead generation process can be a straightforward or quite complex procedure.

Vparagon can generate both simpler leads lists and highly complex ones, accurately and with the most updated information possible.

Regarding complex lead generation:

A lead is a company (prospect company, potential client company), that aligns with the criteria you are going to define to us, which means targets specific markets/countries of interest in specific industries, organisations with a specific size, revenue generated, funding resources, technology used etc.
Within those organisations:
Firstly we understand the structure of the organization, the significance and dependancy between roles within it, depending on its type.
Then we identify:

a. The key (main) decision maker
b. The financial decision maker
c. Satellite decision makers
d. Influencers
e. 3rd party players that are of interest

Then we conduct a research and find their email addresses, their office, and corporate mobile phone numbers, and Linkedin details. This information is the best possible information you can get, always, of course, GDPR compliant.
That means one lead provided contains multiple contacts (~ 3 – 10 contacts) within the prospect organization with the best and most accurate information available.
Our leads are HIGH QUALITY, EXCELLENT leads, where a variety of agents and top-notch tools have been used. FIND OUT MORE

Vparagon: Best sales outsourcing companies

Our Services

Sales engagement - accelerate your sales

Depending on the nature of the project and its complexity, either a team of SDR (Sales Development Representatives) or a senior sales consultant or a combination of both are going to engage the generated leads and the Decisison Makers of interest.

Firstly we are going to email them, and then call them, establish communication and qualify them, and either arrange discovery calls between them and you or take over the whole sales process and follow up until we close the sale.

We “take ownership” of your sales. We not only initiate but also persist, insist, and follow- up until we deliver. We offer an A to Z service.

We have the infrastructure, native salespeople, and your company is going to have most probably an “English,” “German,” “Spanish,” “Italian” …salesperson in the market of interest. We can handle simultaneously multiple territories and countries.

Consultative sales are our strength.

Vparagon drives the process, optimizes your time, and involves you only at key points of the sales process.

Find more about our methodology.

Vparagon: Best sales outsourcing companies

Surveys & Market Research

Our Services

Surveys & Market Research

Vparagon is specialized in conducting complex surveys and market research for big organizations. We worked together with big global corporations such as Innio-Waukesha and Visionix and delivered surveys that have been conducted globaly. From South and North America, throughout Europe and APAC. 

Data collection, Market research, Feedback gathering, Benchmarking and Performance Evaluation, Identifying Trends and Patterns and Global Positioning and Demographic Analysis are parts of our engagement. 

All results delivered either on daily COMPLEX analytical reports or live, through access in our CRM and infrastructure. More about our B2B Market Research Services

Our Services

Reporting – Complete Control

Vparagon works on a prepaid monthly basis. If you are not happy you can terminate our collaboration at any point.

We do that because we are not afraid neither we doubt our services. Our clients are long term clients under the same conditions. They stay with us because of our sales results, hunting spirit, quality and loyalty. Trust is being established between them and us.

Vparagon: Best sales outsourcing companies

Our Services

For whom are our services

Software, IT and SaaS sales are our specialty. We can generate a list of potential clients or partners for you, contact them directly in their own language, qualify them and establish communication between them and you. We can organize discovery calls and online technical demos, or even take this part as well.

For Software, SaaS companies that either want to sell directly or through the channel. For companies offering solutions and services, subscribtions on online platforms, digital and consulting services.

For companies selling complex machinery such as robots, cobots, optical, dental or medical devices, up to complex industrial machinery such as industrial engines and automotive solutions.

For tangible goods and traditional trading businesses that want to expand their sales in new markets and sell directly or through the channel. You are going to have a local presense in the market of interest.

We can search and find distributors on your behalf, contact them in their own language and bring them in connection with you. We can also be your local voice and inside sales team in the market of interest and help you sell your products or solutions either through the distribution channel, or directly through fulfilment centers.

The trend, and especially after the Covid pandemic is to go digital. More and more companies realize that inside sales offer a very effective alternative that covers bigger areas with less cost and generates more results.

We are pioneers in this field.

For Start Ups or Spin Offs that offer all the above services or a combination of those.

Vparagon: Best sales outsourcing companies

Our Services

Some important key points

1st. Just emailing with no follow up calls does not work. This would be a remarkably simple solution, start emailing and hopping that someone is going to reply to your emails. It does not cost a lot, but it does not work. Is simple as that. You are another company that sends emails and expect to sell. The power of a personalized call is irreplaceable.

2nd. 1000 calls for 1000$ is the sales slogan for many call centres, trying to sell “sales services”.

Sales is not only about the amount of calls that a salesperson is placing!

Sales is about

  1. The sales experience, education, talent, and commitment on the task
  2.  The dedicated follow up on each and every case.

Vparagon is not a call centre. We are one of the best sales outsourcing companies.

We are a sales outsourcing company, on the result bringing business. We do not place do or die calls, neither we read a script, nor we sell on a B2C level. If you are searching for call center services you are on the wrong place.

3rd. Commission based sales vs fixed amount paid every month.

Vparagon works on a prepaid monthly basis. If you are not happy you can terminate our collaboration at any point with a 4 weeks’ notice time after a 4 month period.

We do that because we are not afraid, neither we doubt our services. A collaboration period of less than 4 months does not make any sense neither for you nor for us. Sales are not generated overnight, a lot of dedication and commitment is behind.

Our clients are long term clients under the same conditions. They stay with us because of our sales results, hunting spirit, quality and loyalty. Trust is being established between them and us.

Our services have a cost, hard work behind and they are not for free.

Our prices depend on the intensity of the project, its characteristics and complexity. There is a monthly fee (probably with commissions on targets achieved).

We work on a fixed payment + commissions basis.

Just commissions are a NO GO.

Vparagon: Best sales outsourcing companies

Why Choose Us

Why are we among the best sales outsourcing companies?

1st. Because Vparagon is supervised and monitored from Alex Valassidis, an expert sales and sales management consultant with decades of sales experience.

2nd. We have the total control and supervision of our operations and at any point we know exactly where we stand. Each project has a project manager assigned to it. You have one point of reference.

3rd. We are a team of younger and older Europeans, based in multiple countries around the world, know the local language and culture, all of us speak English and have a “whatever it takes” attitude.

4th. We are not perfect, that’s why we try harder. That is why we are among the best sales outsourcing companies.

5th. You have low risk. Our agreements have a minimum obligatory duration of 4 months unless agreed otherwise. The reason why we do that is because we want to avoid “testers” that want to see if their product or service sells within a month or 2. To bring results there is a lot of hard work, enthusiasm, commitment and persistence behind. We need a certain amount of time to bring those results.

6th. We are scalable, that means that we can enhance our sales activities in the prime time of interest and just maintain the market in low-intensity months.

Vparagon: Best sales outsourcing companies


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