How we optimize your sales in 6 steps

Here is how we transform your company into a well-oiled Sales Machine. How we help you optimize your sales and expand in new Markets in 6 steps.

1st On consultation with you we make an analysis of the current situation.

  1. What products or services you have and which ones you want to promote and sell.
  2. What are your ambitions and your struggles
  3. In which markets you want to expand and why
  4. What are your expectations, what are your objectives, what do you want to achieve?
  5. What are your long-term ambitions

2nd We make a market analysis and our team finds potential clients (or partners) in the geographical area of interest. That means that at least 2 independent researchers, search online and find potential prospects that could become your clients. Those researchers do not know each other’s existence and work competitively with each other. In that way, we achieve a wider range and quality of results.

3rd We scan the results found from our research team, we prioritize them on categories of interest (high, medium, low) and take away the irrelevant ones. The ones that are of interest are researched to find the correct contact information, LinkedIn details, correct email addresses, and role.

4th Then we prepare our communication and sales strategy

  1. We define what we want to achieve
  2. We prepare the Sales Pitch
  3. and create also an email sequence on the prospects native language that is going to be sent to the prospect.
  4. We practice the Sales Pitch, prepare us for possible objections and follow up scenarios

5th We contact the prospect

Depending on the case we define the way we are going to do it.

Here is a typical Scenario ( Objective is: First Order, Prospect company found through our research, name of decisionmaker unknown.)

Vparagon sales methodology
or the following case: (Objective is: Establish communication with Prospect in order to have an in-depth call and see if we can partner)
Vparagon sales outsourcing methodology

[The entire communication (emails, phone calls) is being done in the prospects native language from a local telephone nr and a native speaker.]

At the end of every sales campaign, we give an analytical report to you with the results, the comments and a brief description of every single case.

6th Get established and have a presence in the targeted Market with a fraction of the cost. We follow up with communication, receive calls, emails, and orders, and contact the prospects in regular time frames. According to the client’s needs, our services can provide:

  • Local telephone nr and address as wished.
  • Newsletter creation and delivery
  • Marketing, promotion and advertising campaigns
  • Social Media Presence (Linkedin, Xing, Facebook, Twitter, Facebook)
  • Virtual Secretary Services
  • Training on Sales, CRM, Translations, Sales & Sales Management consultancy

All our services are what I call “Sales weaponized” that means are built, created, planned and delivered with a Sales Attitude and Selling ambition.

Our collaborators, virtual assistants, content marketers etc are specially trained to deliver on a sales basis that is defined by me and you to be neutral, mild or strong sales oriented. Certainly, we do not simply offer communication services, but a result, sales-oriented communication that aims to specific goals.

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