Human resources & Personnel management

Human Resources sales outsourcing

Find out how you can evaluate your employees, hire the right ones, control your business and maximize the potential of each person working for or with you.

The necessity of having employees or how you can control your business.

Employees are necessary to take the heavy burden from your shoulders and give you the time necessary to work on other things that are more important for you.


Follow-up these recommendations and defend your business from within. READ MORE >>>

The 5 +1 Benefits only inexperienced Business Owners and hiring managers are offering

To hire good people, you have to make your offer attractive while also addressing 3 things:

  1. What you really want
  2. What qualities your employee should have
  3. Exactly what you offer

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Why you DON’T need a sales-manager!

You should be the sales manager yourself, and although all other positions in your cooperation are needed the one of the sales manager is not only needed but is a position that can harm you in many ways. READ MORE >>>

The tragedy of non-competitive Sales Managers.

Are you one of those guys (girls) placing tens maybe hundreds of calls on a weekly basis? And besides that, you have this Sales Coach over your head (Manager, Rep, etc) pushing you to achieve your KPI’s and you constantly hear all these advice on how you should do this or that, what tricks you should use to succeed in cold calling or sales.

Fact is that those coaches,READ MORE >>>