Sales Calls that Convert

Sales calls that convert

Sales calls that convert

What does it mean: Sales Calls that Convert? 

We do our homework

Our calls are not simple call center calls, our calls are SALES CALLS THAT CONVERT.

How we do sales calls that convert?

First, we define together with you what your goals are.

Do you just want to establish communication with the prospect or do you want to achieve a second in depth call between the prospect and the pre-sales team of your company or with the technical advisor that is going to explain the product in depth, so that we can follow up with a commercial (go to market) conversation, or do you want to send your catalog and follow up with a call and our offer, so that we get the first order?

Once we define what your goal is, then we write down the sales pitch and the emails we are going to send to our prospects. Prepare means we choose the right words, the content of the pitch and the emails, the quality and quantity of it and we translate to the language of the prospect.

After that we practice all the possible objections our prospect might have. We practice all possible scenarios and all possible answers we might get. We practice how to pass through the gatekeeper, we practice how to make our prospect read the email that we are going to send him, we get the prospects contact details such as personal tel. nr. and LinkedIn. If we don’t find the No1 actor involved in the process then we talk with the No2 in charge, and all these on their native language. 

Then we start calling, firstly with the prospects that have less priority to get familiarize and then we call all the potential prospects.

We aim to speak to the Decision Maker and achieve our goal.


We don’t simply call, …… we place sales calls that convert!

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