What Do Our Sales Consulting Services Include?

·  Training and Monitoring Your Existing Sales Team or Salespeople

Having only salespeople is not enough to bring results. Regardless of how trained those salespeople are, they must be supervised, motivated, and guided to feel happier, be more effective, and most of all, produce results.

Vparagon can train and monitor your existing salespeople and boost their performance and your results.

  • Processes & Tools

a. We can optimize your sales by creating processes and scripts that will help you to monitor your sales activities but also to easily onboard your new team members. Specifically:

We will create a sales process for you.

First, we will see where you stand and determine your current business situation.

Afterwards, we will define the realistic and specific goals we would like to achieve.

Then we will optimize your sales processes.

Write down and optimize your sales pitch,

then create various email templates and sequences that you need. For example, you will have a specific prewritten email for unresponsive customers, another for customers that bought once from you but did not make a repeat purchase from your company, another for customers that have specific questions about your company and services, and so on.

We will write down all the possible objections customers might have, find the answers to these objections, and train your salespeople to deal with them effectively.

We will define and write the job description with you and for you, advertise for new salespeople, interview them, and forward you the candidates that we think are the most suitable.

b. Find the right tools for your business and train you on them.

Specifically: we can advise you which CRM to purchase and how to use it. We can train your staff and optimize your existing CRM, and we can introduce you to online tools that will optimize your business, such as project management tools, calling systems, calendars, marketing software, etc.

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