Cold Calling Video

All the information on how to establish communication via cold calling. In order to understand the maximum regarding this cold calling video, you should read the cold calling ebook from Vparagon

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In our e-book, we analyze B2B cold calling. Our sales outsourcing company does not place cold calls in end consumers. In fact, cold calling end users might be considered a breach of GDPR or other local laws. Despite the fact that it might not be allowed in your country or jurisdiction, it is a sales technique of questionable results and ethic background. A sales outsourcing company conducts cold calling only where there is a legitimate interest on a professional level between businesses. 

Do cold calls bring results? The answer is yes. What is however crucial to understand is the following. As a business you have 2 ways to communicate with potential prospects. Via Marketing or via Sales. Marketing can generate you hot or warm leads. Hot leads are those that show a direct interest in your business, while warm leads are those that show interest in the business you are active, but not directly your business. Via inside sales you cold call all those prospects that did not show any interest in your business, but you know there is legitimate interest to get to know your services or prouducts. 


As a business you need to know if marketing or sales brings you what results with which cost and in how far they get sagurated. Contact us if you would like to know more.