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Sales outsourcing in Greece

Sales Agency Greece

A country with thousands of islands spread across the Aegean and Ionian seas, Greece, stands as one of the hubs in Europe for business and leisure. With tourism as the basis of its economy, the business culture heavily relies on the service sector which includes many agencies. For companies to attract tourists and locals alike, they make use of sales agencies. If you want to grow your sales, it would be in your best interest to employ the services of a sales agency. When using a Sales agency Greece, there are a few things you need to consider:

  • Services offered

One needs to determine if it is a full service agency or if they only do sales. Normally some agencies might include marketing as a part of their package or even handling customer service so that they can control the process from the lead generation to conversion and straight through the sales funnel to closing. It mostly depends on how big your company is and if you require a one-stop-shop

  • Cost

You need to keep in mind that it will not be as cheap as doing it yourself but sometimes it is required that a professional step in. You must have a proper budget when considering using an agency for your business.

  • Location – Local/International

This is dependent on how you prefer to work with persons – remotely or face to face. That’s a major factor to consider when you are deciding to use an agency as you will not be able to monitor everything all the time.

sales agency is mainly used to boost sales but in recent times, they have evolved into mega marketing firms which provide several package deals. 


Sales Agency Greece – Pros & Cons



  • Professional representation 

This gives your brand a professional look especially if you don’t have in house sales reps. the perception of your business will be different.

  • Full Services

Many agencies offer marketing in addition to the sales to boost their chance of being more successful as well as offering you a more beneficial service.

  • More time to redirect focus on growing your business

You won’t have to spend time focusing on time-consuming tasks like lead generation and getting sales when you could be focused on marketing or improving quality of your goods/service to aid in customer retention.


  • No personalization for clients

Because these are normally firms with a bunch of people working on your sales model, it would be hard to have the soul of the business still in it. It might lack your brand personality.

  • Won’t work with the business model 

It might not be a fit for the type of business you have.

When using a sales agency Greece, it is best to do research so that you are aware of industry best practices as well as a background on the agency you’re working with.

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