sales consultancy DACH

Sales Consultancy DACH

Sales Consultancy DACH


Sales consultants normally scout prospects who might be interested in purchasing their company’s products. Sales consultants normally have certain soft skills that sales agencies are lacking in. They usually set up meetings with potential clients. They drive up sales by sharing their knowledge about the client’s products/ services. They follow up with any clients to ensure customer satisfaction. Sales consultants may also work alongside your company’s retail team to better sell their products.Sales Consultancy in DACH uses a more strategic approach to the sales process. This involves working with customers, sales sectors and Sale Managers. 

Why Sales consultancy DACH? 

Sales Consultancy helps organisations and its managers understand how the business can surpass obstacles, achieve aims/goals. Sales consultancy also offers ideas on increasing revenue and cash flow through times of pressure and change. It also prepares businesses to adapt to any situation. Sale consultancy requires a lot of practice in working with customers to produce the protocols and tools needed.


Many times, organisations are challenged with going along to an approach of consistent growth and professional development. This can easily be solved by using sales consultants, especially if the business is located right in DACH in the German speaking area of Europe (DACH stands for Deutschland, Austria and Switzerland (Confederacion Helvetica).  A big company will find seeking to increase sales will find it difficult to know the correct steps in ensuring a successful sales branch in the business. It is highly recommended to always have a professional that is quite skilled to assess the potential sales of any business that is looking for profit. See the video why to sell in Germany?


A few summarized pros & cons are:



  • Have a more organized feel to your business so that customers feel more welcomed and get individual attention
  • Reach more clients
  • Maintain longstanding relationship with existing customers


  • Less creative control
  • Little to no control over client to consultant interaction with potential clients
  • Consultants not representing your brand effectively

For sales consultancy to work seamlessly, both companies have to properly agree on all terms and conditions relating to the job. Established rules & contracts will always work once there is no tension between both parties. If you notice any tension between a business owner and consultant, that agreement must be terminated. This is best practise as you have persons who are malicious. Be careful with branding your business!  Having a sales consultant can definitely be good for a business as it really takes the pressure off the in-house team. One bad partnership can tarnish your whole business relationship as well as with potential clients.

Vparagon speaks German and can help you expand and accelerate your sales in the DACH region.