Sales force consultants

Sales force consultants

consultative sales

Consultative sales with sales force consultants vs traditional sales. 

Consultative sales with sales force consultants is a selling method in which the salesperson spends time with the client to understand the issue the customer is trying to solve and then recommends a solution that will target that specific problem. It differs from a traditional sale in that it involves suggesting a solution to a problem, rather than a focus on selling a specific product.

Advancements in sales and marketing automation are make inside selling more effective than ever before. In some industries, 55% of sales now come from inside sales teams.

Consultative selling & sales force consultants fits the inside sales model like a glove. It equips sellers to uncover customer needs faster and therefore presents solutions that are more compelling.

Vparagons value rests on inside sales and consultative sales. Usually the complexity of the solutions our clients are selling and the need of educated, talented but most importantly responsible salespeople that take ownership of the sales process and follow up with the various players in different industries, makes consultative selling the best way to offer high quality sales services.

The current technology makes it possilbe for the first time in history to conduct analytical sales without being physically preseint; more and more businesses realize this everyday. 

Sales force consultants in the new post covid era. 

By utilizing inside sales in your business you can start reaching out to many more potential customers, much more cheap and way more effectively than by visiting them in person. Consultative sales are a perfect fit for the new world. 

Targeted, quality sales and follow up produce results – otherwise you are shooting with a “spaghetti cannon” -hoping that something sticks.