Sales outsourcing for Scaleups

sales outsourcing for scaleups
sales outsourcing for scaleups

Sales outsourcing for Scaleups has been gaining popularity in recent years. As more and more companies are trying to scale up their business and enter new markets, sales outsourcing firms have become their backbone. Although it is a relatively new phenomenon, outsourcing your sales presents numerous benefits that are hard to come when you build your own sales team.

Access to skilled human resources without having to select, hire and train people, an upfront estimate of the cost that helps in budgeting, easy-to-scale sales team when needed, and access to new technologies are some of the key benefits you get when you outsource your sales to an established firm. These benefits far outweigh the benefits of building your own sales team from scratch.

In this article, we have presented several reasons why sales outsourcing for scaleups is a great idea.

What Is Sales Outsourcing For Scaleups?

Sales outsourcing is hiring a firm that allocates resources and human resources to handle the sales on behalf of your company. Numerous firms provide these services according to your need. As a result, you can instantly scale up or scale down your sales team when needed. This flexibility allows you to focus on refining your products rather than hiring and training your sales team.

Scaleups are somewhat already established companies and have a proven record of their product’s performance on the market. However, these scaleups constantly need sales human resources to expand their business and enter new markets. This is exactly where sales outsourcing firms present enormous opportunities with less risk.

You can hire a sales outsourcing firm and experiment with new markets or products. Instant access to skilled human resources without going through talent acquisition processes also saves a lot of time and resources for scaleups. You can then allocate this time and resources to improving the products and increasing the quality of those products.

Sales outsourcing for scaleups can catalyze enormous changes you can make in your market presence. There are multiple benefits that sales outsourcing presents, which could help you in scaling up with less cost and risk.

Reasons Why Sales Outsourcing For Scaleups Is A Great Idea

As stated, outsourcing your sales presents you with various benefits that is impossible to get when building your own sales team. Some of the key benefits are listed and explained below.

Scaling Up Is Easy

When you outsource your sales to a firm, you can set up the sales team according to your need. And whenever you get new opportunities, you can instantly upscale the team and make it bigger to serve the new markets you are entering.

Alternatively, you can also scale down when there is less business, and you do not need more people to oversee your sales. Again, this is beneficial for the company’s financial health.

Access To Experienced Agents

These sales outsourcing firms have skilled and experienced agents capable of handling tuff negotiations and dealing with various customers and clients. They have worked for multiple industries and businesses and gained deep experience, which is beneficial in many respects.

Although, the choice of the outsourcing firm also determines how qualitative human resources you will get to handle your sales job. They are also experienced in using various tools and systems to optimize the work processes and present you with good numbers.


Accountability is another key benefit of sales outsourcing. You can set a certain target for sales and get regular updates and reports. The sales team is accountable for their job, and you will have full authority to direct them on the sales strategy.

With the right partner firm, they will commit themselves to the sales target, meetings booked with customers, KPIs, and other sales tasks. They will also commit themselves to providing high ROIs and maximum leads.

Clear & Upfront Cost Estimation

Sales outsourcing firms run on a subscription basis or a negotiated price for some time. When you subscribe to their sales service, you will have an upfront cost or an estimate of how much you will spend on a month or a year.

It results in a clear expense estimate helping you in budgeting. It also reduces sudden expenses that may come with an in-house sales team. You can reduce the cost if needed by reducing the sales team.


It is also optional to outsource your sales completely or partially. You can choose from many sales outsourcing models, such as the Fullstack model, Horizontal model, or Vertical model. For example, you can outsource the top part of the sales funnel to the outsourcing form, and the internal sales team can handle the core sales tasks.

This flexibility to outsource in parts makes sales outsourcing attractive for many scaleup firms with a sizable sales team in-house.


Speed is key in sales. You can subscribe to the sales service and get your team ready within days. This is impossible if you build your own sales team from scratch, as you have to select, hire, train, and guide them.

With sales outsourcing, you can build your sales team today and start your sales the very next day. This speed helps in saving a lot of time and cost for your company. Scaling up your sales team also does not take much time and can be done within days.

Maximum Utilization Of Resources

With an experienced and skilled team, you can fully utilize the resources. You may not have to spend time training and teaching sales skills to them. They are also aware of every resource they have at their disposal and know how to utilize them.

This results in maximum utilization of available resources, and you get the full worth of every penny you spend on the sales team.

Access To New Technologies

New technologies, such as AI-based lead generation and different marketing tools and techniques, are being developed. With sales outsourcing, you will also have access to these tools, which will be utilized in your sales job. This access to new technologies will help in better lead generation, customer acquisition, customer retention, and marketing results.

However, the technologies that you will use need to be discussed prior.

Problem Solving Abilities

The sales team that the outsourcing firms will provide is experienced and skilled. And with experience and skill, the ability to solve any problem comes automatically. In case of any issue that arises in the sales journey, the team is already aware and has solved it earlier. This results in solving the problem faster and without much risk.

So, the problem-solving skills that these human resources will have can be learned by your internal sales team, which is very beneficial for the future of your business.

Need To Outsource Sales For Your Business?

You must be convinced that sales outsourcing for Scaleups is very beneficial and easy. And if you are a scaleup business looking to expand your market or enter a new one, you will need a trusted, experienced and responsive outsourcing firm. We at Vparagon have been providing this service to our clients for a long time and have gained expertise in multiple niches.

Contact us today for more information and consultation on how you can include us in your sales team to grow your business.

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