Sales outsourcing in Barcelona

sales outsourcing in Barcelona
sales outsourcing in Barcelona

Sales outsourcing is a trendy topic in business circles nowadays. The boom in startups in recent years and the competitive business environment in Barcelona have also contributed to the rise in the demand for sales outsourcing in Barcelona. Extreme competition demands sudden upscaling of the sales team to capture the market as soon as the product shows signs of success.


This sudden upscaling of the sales team is nearly impossible for startups and scaleups without trading off quality customer service. Selecting, hiring, and training in-house sales staff takes a long time which can be a hassle when you want to address the surging demand in the market. This is exactly where sales outsourcing services come in place.


Sales outsourcing in Barcelona offer you a wide variety of benefits which is hard to get when building your own sales team from the ground up. Additionally, the cost benefits of hiring a sales team to look after your sales outweigh building and sustaining your own sales team.

What Is Sales Outsourcing?

In its simplest definition, sales outsourcing is a way of hiring an external sales team to help your company sell your products. How the sales will be handled depends on the nature of your products, i.e., digital or physical. But sales outsourcing may include other related tasks such as marketing, lead generation, customer service, etc.


If you are a startup, scaleup, or well-established company, and you are trying to get into the market of Barcelona, it is a much safer bet to use a sales outsourcing firm as you will have to risk very little compared to building your own sales team.


Sales outsourcing also allows you to experiment on the market and see the prospect of your product. The sales teams you would hire are most likely experienced with the market and can provide you with great insights on how you can strategize your sales and improve your products. This can be a great asset right after you enter the market.


Sales outsourcing does not always have to be on a full scale. You can outsource your sales in different ways. Three of the leading outsourcing models are explained below.


  • Fullstack Outsourcing Model: In this model, you can outsource all the sales jobs to an external partner.
  • Vertical Outsourcing Model: In this model, you can keep the key sales job within your company and outsource the rest.
  • Horizontal Outsourcing Model: In this model, you can create a parallel sales team, one within your company and another with the outsourcing partner.


Sales outsourcing in Barcelona also has a lot of benefits that we will discuss below. However, the sole reason the outsourcing sales team can adapt to this target market with their experience makes sales outsourcing a great idea.

Benefits You Get After Sales Outsourcing

You will get several benefits after the sales outsourcing in Barcelona to an external partner. Some of the most important ones are described below:

Upscale and Downscale Whenever Needed

One of the greatest problems when building your own sales team is sustaining them even when your revenue is stagnant. But with sales outsourcing, you can upscale or downscale your sales team whenever needed. This will help you act according to the financial health of your business and help it sustain itself in hard times.


Similarly, when you need to increase the sales team, you can instantly address the market’s demand. You will not have to compromise on customer service in those times. However, if you have your in-house sales team and the need for additional sales team members arises, you will have to again select, hire and train those members that can hamper the sales process and customer experiences.


This is a great benefit of sales outsourcing, as you will have the flexibility to sustain your business which is a huge positive point in times of crisis. Besides, if you have opted for a vertical outsourcing model, you can temporarily fulfill the internal staff with the external sales team until you hire and train new personnel to join your team.

They Come With Loads Of Experience And Skills

Outsourcing firms have very experienced and skilled team members. The fact that they have been working with several businesses and firms is a testament to their high skills and experience. In addition, all the experiences they have garnered from other businesses can be of great importance for your business in navigating the market and solving any problems.


These team members are also skilled in using different tools and technologies that are very industry-specific and need a sophisticated understanding of the customer journey, sales methods, communication skills, and market understanding. 


The skills that this sales team possesses can also be acquired and learned by your internal sales team if you have opted for a vertical or horizontal outsourcing model. Your internal team will have ample opportunities to learn and sharpen their sales skills from the external sales team. This can be of great importance and a learning experience for your team. 


The sales team’s tools and technologies can also be understood and learned. Many advanced technologies have been used in sales in recent times, such as AI lead generation, big data analysis to find sales patterns, and Machine learning to understand customer behavior and guide them through the purchase journey. The use of these technologies is certain to have a positive impact on your sales.

Clear And Upfront Cost

Most sales outsourcing firms have a clear and upfront cost in the form of packages or subscriptions. This clear and upfront cost estimate helps you prepare your business’ budget. 


You will clearly understand how much you will be spending in a certain timeframe. Then, with this certainty in hand, you can plan if you can increase the sales team depending on the market scenario.


Another impact of this certainty is that you will eliminate the risk of sudden expenses that is likely in the in-house sales team. By eliminating the risk of sudden expenses, your company can simply concentrate on building or improving your product and its quality. 


Besides these mentioned benefits, you will get many other benefits from outsourcing your sales to Barcelona. The very reason that outsourcing sales have been so popular in recent years is a testament to its contribution to the business and startup ecosystem of the city.


Therefore, you are now aware of sales outsourcing, its different models, and the benefits you will get. And if you are also searching for a reliable partner to outsource your Barcelona sales, you may not have to look further.

Sales Outsourcing In Barcelona With Vparagon

Suppose you are also trying to break into the Barcelona market or want to extend your support to the customers in the city. In that case, we at Vparagon have an excellent, experienced, and skilled team that can assist you in understanding, modeling your product, and navigating the market. So, sales outsourcing in Barcelona will not be very complicated for you.

Our teams have worked with various business niches and accumulated a lot of knowledge and understanding that can be instrumental to your purpose. So, contact us today, and we can formulate a strategy for you and your product’s entry into the Barcelona market.

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