Corona Virus – Working remotely

Why sales outsourcing is better?
We live in a new age, that is a reality that became obvious to us very fast due to the Covid 19 pandemia. The way businesses are conducted changed drasticaly and immensly and corona virus – working remotely became the new norm overnight. 
A lot of businesses discovered that they can sell their goods and services more effective by applying inside sales teams, rather than having traditional sales people on the ground. 
They can reach out to way more prospects, economicaly and most importantly result oriented and efficiently. 

How working remotely can optimize your productivity and reduce your cost on the Corona Virus age!

Vparagon is on this business since 2016 and we know exactly the steps you need to take in order to swift your sales  from the traditonal way to the new digital age. 

There are 3 kind of businesses in relation with digital sales. 

Firstly are traditional Software or SaaS companies. Those businesses are very familiar on conducting businesses that way. It’s actualy a big chunck of their businesses operations. 

Secondly are businesses that sell sophisticated physical products, (for example medical devices, games, industrial products) where the educational level of their target clients is high enough to be able to be addressed on a digital way. Let me explain. It is relatively easy for an ophtalmologist for example to participate on a zoom call, so that a sales person can explain to him digitaly how his “physical” product works. Here is the big opportunity now. Now is the time where all those businesses have to take the leap and start selling digitaly. 

The third category are all those businesses that are not computer literate and a digital way of sales is not possible due to its nature. They are going to change eventualy but not within the coming years. 

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Alex Valassidis
Alex Valassidis


Alex is a Managing Director and Supervisor at Vparagon, a sales consultancy that helps companies expand and accelerate their sales in new markets.

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