Outsourced Sales Teams: The 5 Proven Ways to Transform Your Business Sales

Outsourced sales

Do you want to uplift your business sales by closing more deals? You should consider hiring outsourced sales and management teams to take the hassles off your shoulders to bring in more business. 

Outsourced sales companies offer an array of services to fuel the clients’ business. You don’t need to rack your brain around any sales task; from building brand awareness and getting leads to attracting prospects, closing more deals, and analyzing metrics, you will be all covered. However, you can customize the services to launch specific projects, engage comprehensive sales, fill gaps in your team, and marketing support. 

Your ideal sales partner will strive to work in-line with your existing teams to devise a sales strategy that complies with your company’s goals. Thus, your sales teams will have the right tools to use analytics to improve and optimize the process consistently. 

For Which Businesses Outsourced Sales is a good fit?

Despite having a plethora of advantages of outsourcing the sales process vs. hiring an in-house sales team, outsourcing isn’t a perfect fit for every type of company. If you are operating in the following domains, then outsourcing the sales teams can be the perfect choice for you:

  • Businesses already having in-house sales representatives
  • Companies already working on a sustainable and proven sales model  
  • For businesses whose sales cycle is fairly short as it is important to measure the results quickly so that you will be sure of results without incurring high costs
  • Companies who have enough budget to outsource- usually companies having more than 10 employees

7 Ways Through Which Outsourced Sales Team Will Transform Your Business

Outsourced sales teams have a proven ability to deliver tremendous benefits to companies of every size worldwide. It has even generated a brand-new industry of organizations to offer the best sales talent to the companies. If you are thinking about outsourcing sales, then have a look at the 5 proven ways through which an outsourced sales team can boost your business success.

1. Build Brand Awareness

When you successfully create awareness of your brand among prospects, you can minimize the outside factors. As a result, 82 percent of consumers will pick a familiar brand– regardless of the familiar brand’s ranking in search engine results. 

In this era where ads are continually competing to grab buyers’ attention, familiarity can do wonders for your brand. You can conveniently get a competitive edge over consumers via brand awareness, helping them make purchase decisions. It will ultimately lead to long-term relationships and brand loyalty. However, building brand awareness needs consistency, and consumer reach alike. Every communication and marketing piece needs to reflect the tone and voice of your company.

But how many remarkable services and products have languished, ineffectual to penetrate the market due to the fact that no one knew about them? It is where the outsourced sales team will come to play. It will put the right message in front of potential prospects by improving the market reach on different marketing channels to build brand awareness. The sales team will ensure that your business name pops up whenever potential buyers research services and products like that of yours. 

2. Generate Leads

A savvy sales and marketing team will integrate all the activities to create a real-time collaboration to improve the effectiveness of both teams. The sales team will ensure that it never misses an opportunity to snatch customer’s contact information. 

If the top goal of your business is lead generation, the outsourced team will help you create offers, add landing pages, grow social media, build content and SEO, and more. A steady stream of superior leads keeps the sales team functional at peak performance. While there are multiple channels for lead generation, content marketing is the critical gap for a lot of B2B companies. 

Crafting the best quality videos, white papers, sales collateral, and articles to direct the audience to a more profitable call-to-action can take a lot of time. However, keeping up with continually changing SEO demands is hard without guidance and support from a specialized sales management team. 

3. Optimize CRM

Customer relationship management (CRM) plays a pivotal role in getting repeat customers to your business. CRM platform helps businesses to save customers from falling through the cracks as it happens all the time. It becomes harder to track the interests and interaction of the customers to make a transaction. 

Though maintaining and using a CRM is the foundation for a high functioning and scalable sales program. CRM software provides an in-depth insight into the sales-related data to encourage collaboration. A CRM software can provide segmentation, motivate customer retention, and anticipate the buyers’ expectations. 

Sales outsourcing companies work with in-house teams to optimize the current CRM workflow or recommend a platform according to your company’s goals, needs and interests of the prospects, and sales cycle. The outsourced sales teams can monitor the progress throughout the sales cycle. CRM requires continuous data updating, scrubbing, and administrative oversight to optimize the operations. Sales teams can efficiently support the sales activities to transform the business. 

4. Dedicate Appointment Setters

Do you know what the fundamental part of building an efficient sales pipeline is? It’s appointment-setting. Yes, you have heard it right.

As sales staff are already putting strenuous efforts to generate and close more sales while taking care of other important aspects, appointment-setting is way too important to leave to overburdened sales staff. If you can’t follow-up with the potential leads, it equates with lost business opportunities. Outsourcing sales companies have trained personnel who can handle the task of appointment setting to streamline the sales processes. However, already existing sales teams should collaborate with external sales teams to bring an array of benefits. 

5. Optimize Conversion Rate

Bringing more traffic and potential prospects for your business isn’t enough. You should make sure that every click counts for your business with conversion rate optimization (CRO). CRO is a validated and most-effective tactic to improve the return on investment of your paid advertising as it focuses on boosting the conversion rate all the way from lead to closing the deal. 

Companies spend hefty money to acquire leads but don’t give enough importance to the conversion process. However, improving conversion rates will elevate the revenue against the same marketing expenses by converting clicks into final customers. 

Almost every organization overlooks an opportunity, which is optimizing the landing page’s length. Landing pages encourage prospects to fill in forms and generate more leads. External sales teams use data analytics and best practices to identify the best conversion opportunities. The talented sales team efficiently implements testing strategies from time to time to track continually evolving market changes. The main focus behind this is to transform the sales testing process. The teams implement regular testing strategies to keep up with market changes and evolve the sales testing process.  

The Bottom Line

For a lot of small to medium-sized enterprises and businesses, outsourced sales management brings benefits that lead to sales success and eventually, revenue growth. Sales management consultants can typically engage the prospects with your brand to uplift the business’s success. Sales teams learn about the unique needs of the clients, develop custom plans, and put a structured system in place to manage the sales. Thus, getting the best sales management team on-board can bring record-breaking results to amplify the growth rate of your business. 

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