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What Is The Purpose Of Hiring Consulting Sales Companies?
Human Resources & Personnel Management

What Is An Independent Sales Agent?

The majority of the businesses have a direct sales crew that works out of their main office. When it comes to expanding into new markets,

sales development
Business Strategy and Tactics

Sales development as a newbie

Imagine you have started a new job offer from a well-reputed sales development company. You are really excited to be a part of the new

Appointment Setting

Appointment Setting Today’s complex sales world has elevated appointment setting to a major (if not the most important) part of the sales process.  A paradox

B2b sales outsourcing
Business Strategy and Tactics

B2b sales outsourcing companies

Our world changes rapidly and when I see a title like that, my first question is: Can there be besides b2b sales outsourcing companies also

Sales outsourcing in India
Business Strategy and Tactics

Sales outsourcing companies in India.

With no doubts, India is a superpower in the world of IT. Thousands if no millions of high educated IT professionals in the second biggest

Sales outsourcing and decentralized command.
Business Strategy and Tactics

Decentralized command and sales outsourcing

Decentralized command Decentralized command is the keyword in today’s complex business world and especially when it comes to sales outsourcing companies.  In our company, Vparagon,

Commissions for sales
Business Strategy and Tactics

Commissions only for sales. New Thoughts!

If we as a sales outsourcing company would charge commissions only for sales, we would have 100 times the number of clients we have now.